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Wednesday, Mar 19 2008 - Pre-Ellen Weight

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Quick update - my mornings are full but nice. I'm up at 6 and scoop Ellen from Steve at that time. Then I get to puts (sp?) until Will wakes up. It gives me time with the kids in the morning since I don't get home until 6:30. Will is a handful in the morning though - he can read me like a book. Argh.

I don't deserve this, but I'm at my pre-Ellen weight. I'm appreciative of it - it means I "just" need to start working out again, which I will do today at work and I should be able to be at 130 again in the not too distant future. Knock on some serious wood.

Everything has been easier with Ellen - from she herself to my body's response to her birth. Strange.

I'm two days in at the new job. Its overwhelming. My SVP said to me, "I could have hired a woman who would have made the transition in a snap b/c of her experience in the industry, but I felt you would be a longer-term asset to the company." This was in response to a conversation about my frustration with how long it could take until I'm contributing. I'm flattered. But the pressure is on. Do you have any idea how complicate the insurance industry is?! I didn't until this job.

I'd better run. More later if I have time.

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a decade ago

Ack! I hated insurance! But that's just me, and I was at "grunt level" and not "management level." I'm so glad that Ellen's arrival has been such a good transition! And count your lucky stars, girl. Will can read you like a book because he is very, very intelligent. It's a blessing is what it is. (And yes, blessings can be challenging!)




a decade ago

Not sure what type of insurance you're in, but I have plenty of TPA & PPO experience. It's been 8 years and I'm very rusty, but if you need an ear, I'm here. :)




a decade ago

hmmm..that's oneof those compliments in disguise that would have me scratching my head for hours. I'm glad that you were able to see it for the compliment that it is! Learning a new industry is frustrating, but don't you just love the mental challenge of it? Glad that you are able to get some kiddo time in the AM -- my kiddo was a pill this morning, but she's usually a happy-go-lucky, so I can appreciate that time with her too! As for the button pushing? I'm sorry to say that you'll need to get used to that :laugh5: -- toddlers are masters of it!




a decade ago

jealous! I wonder if it has to do with carrying a girl vs a boy? curious. I love that you seem to have a supportive SVP and I'm looking forward to your updates. I don't have extensive insurance experience but I dealt with Medicare and a lot of co-insurances at a DME and it was definitely a lot of work. you're going to nail it down in no time.