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Friday, Mar 21 2008 - ...a little boy's neck...

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Tonight I read a bunch of books to Will - his ability to concentrate on longer story lines is noticeable now. He was sitting on my lap and he'd just gotten out of a bath, and I was nuzzling the back of his neck while I read. Those moments are so sweet. He is so precious to me. His big head on his small neck with those curls. And his ears. And little, expressive hands. And he is so tolerant of my physical affection and often returns it. I think my heart will break when he won't let me touch him with love any more. I MUST be deliberate about appreciating it now.

When I pick him up from MOPS, he is usually the only one left in the toddler room, and the main caretaker spends 5 minutes telling me how much she loves him - even the maintenance man has taken to visiting Will there on Thursday nights, and while I can tell he is generally a taciturn man, he waxes eloquent about Will. I think its Will's smile that does people in. He is so generous and genuine with it. And his eyes are bright and loving to the world.

The MOPS group asked me to be a leader again. And again I had to remind them that I'm a Unitarian and their bylaws say that leaders need to be Christian. I'm assuming the definition of Christian is believing that Jesus died for your sins, which I don't. I mean - I believe (and respect) that he and others believe(d) that to be true, but I don't believe that I (or anyone) need dying for in order to be saved. I do believe he died for his beliefs and that is very powerful to me. And I respect Christianity too much to fudge the lines in this instance. However, if someone out there thinks there is another doctrine that is the most common denominator for Christians of any persuasion, please let me know. But I think that the doctrine of salvation is pretty much the common element amongst all Christians - Protestant or not. Is that correct? Courtney? Maybe non-Protestant Christians differ on that.

My first week at work went well, I think. I am learning a lot and am getting a feel for the culture. Its certainly very different from a large company. I think it will work for me, but I think I'm comfortable in a variety of corporate settings and sizes, which is good. I think I'd like to make insurance/reinsurance my industry home for my career. Not, unfortunately, because I'm passionately drawn to it (I'm not professionally passionately drawn to any industry per se, "just" the quality of my work) but because its learnable, its based on reputation and relationships so you can set your own standards of integrity, etc., and because this little company seems to be defining for itself who it wants to be and what values it has. And I agree with them. That said - its only been a week so I probably shouldn't be mentally planning the next decade. :)

I'm off to feed Ellen and get us ready for bed.

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a decade ago

Lynn, I LOVE to hear you write about your children. You are "deliberate", mindful and so appreciative of the moment! When my minds' eye thinks of Mothers & their babies I often think of you - soft, tender and taking in every little nuance of her wee one!




a decade ago

you're right about the common doctrine. Larry and I actually had a long conversation this weekend, instigated by his dad, about how we'll expose our kids to religion. at a couple different points I thought I should call and have some of this conversation with you, so I might be calling later this week. plus I want to catch up on your new job and it sounds so good for you. I'm all about planning out decades at a time. =D




a decade ago

I actually live in fear of the day that the boys don't want to cuddle and kiss and hug. Patti made me feel a little better about it. I just can't imagine the day when they don't crawl onto my lap as soon as they see me sitting down on the couch, or curl up with me under the blanket on a cold morning. I so enjoy the random hugs and kisses and such and I can't imagine not having them. :( High school is going to suck, isn't it? :cry4:

by CBL



a decade ago

He may never get to the "won't let me touch him with love" stage. My nephew's boys are 9 and 11 and still very affectionate. Last night the 11 year old was watching tv and didn't hear me come in. I bent over the back of the sofa to give him a kiss and he got a big smile on his face and puckered up. A few minutes later when a commercial came on he came over to me and said "I need my hug A.P.". :heart1: