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Monday, Mar 31 2008

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I am struggling right now. I'm feeling what I think is good bit of mourning for my personal time. Between being gone from the house for 10/11 hours each day to worrying about making sure every moment with my children is meaningful, I have neither the time for personal things on a daily basis or time for my husband.

I'm a smart person - there are certainly things I could do to help this situation out, but I'm just tired of HAVING to SCHEDULE everything. I don't want to have to plan 3 days ahead to spend a few hours by myself, shopping. I don't want to feel pressured (by time) to be intimate with S during the only 35 minutes a day that both kids are asleep. I'd like an uniterrupted conversation with someone besides Will.

I have a lot more thoughts on this, but I don't have time to expand. If I do, I'll come back to ready blogs and write a bit more.

I love my children, and am very conscious of my blessings. But I'm a bit sad/frustrated, too.

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a decade ago

Personal time? What's that? ;) It does get better, although that alone carries a little sadness. I still have a hard time finding moments when I can slink away, but the kids (and Eric) are becoming less traumatized when I do it. It's not easy being a parent, and I imagine it's even harder when you work outside the home. I don't envy you the emotional turmoil it must cause. :kiss:

by CBL



a decade ago

There's no doubt about it, Lynnie -- these are probably the most challenging years, time-wise. You just have to remember that by taking time for yourself, you're doing your children a great service. It's stressful, and difficult, but do-able. By the time they're school-age, things will be slightly better. I remember a huge sense of freedom just from the day when Lauren was a baby and Dominic could finally put his own coat on and zip it up. Little by little, they'll need your constant attention less and less. That's the way it's supposed to be. It's a bittersweet feeling to not be needed any longer. Sometimes it makes me sad, but I wouldn't go back to the preschool stage for anything. OK, maybe if I could weight 115 pounds and not have grey hair. Maybe then. :kiss:




a decade ago

The meaningful moments your children will remember are the ones you DIDN'T plan.

by REV



a decade ago

It's hard being a juggler. :kiss: I'm concerned about the same type of issues and hope I deal with them half as well as you do, Lynnie. :love: