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Tuesday, May 6 2008

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S and I are far more on the same page than I thought. We had a nice evening yesterday – dinner together outside, while Ellen slept and Will threw the ball and played with Ripple. That’s really all I’m looking for.

Will has the most amazing throwing arm – he’s left handed, too, which S tells me is in demand in the major leagues (insert eye roll here). While I refuse to be yet another American parent who pushes sports as the only arena for my son to excel in, I am VERY impressed with his speed, accuracy, and determination. And, he looks like such a natural in a baseball cap.

My little-little is getting so good at grabbing objects and putting them into her mouth. If she is on her back, her whole body gets into the effort, and she ends up nearly rolling over she is so focused on the motion. She is SO not making progress with sleeping at night, though. She has gone from regular 6 hours stretches to 3.5 at the most and doesn’t show any signs of lengthening them. Not sure what to do. I don’t think there is anything we can do until she is about 6 months old, at which point her body is probably able to go 7+ hours without food, and at which point we can think about whether or not we can stand letting her cry it out a bit.

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9 years ago

I often read of your challenges being a wife and a mother, but honestly Lynnie...from this side of the screen you make it look/sound so easy and so beautiful. That my dear is called just seems to overshadow all the hurdles.




9 years ago

If Will asks, it's called a cha-cha. And what he's got is called a hoo-hoo. Correct anatomical terms r us!

by JAY



9 years ago

You know, I always thought I would be the anti-soccer mom type, but Kurt and I were actually talking last night about how fun it would be to be those sports parents. You know, the dorky ones that wear buttons with their kids pictures on them? I'm secretly dying for those days. :dork2: I'm glad you and Steve had a nice evening together. I think the key might be just letting those nights happen instead of feeling like you have to force them. They may happen more than you think if you're not both stressed about it. :kiss:

by AMYC18



9 years ago

which S tells me is in demand in the major leagues (insert eye roll here) :laugh5: you know we'll have a basketball baby and I anticipate the day Larry starts talking about the NBA draft... I got money on the day he starts walking.