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Wednesday, May 14 2008

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I’ve been thinking lately about how I wish I could record everything about my children right now. How precious and cute and fun and quirky they seem to me. I’m so afraid I’ll forget, and while that is probably very natural, it seems imperative to me to save it all, somehow. And yet I just can’t seem to find the motivation to keep working on my digital scrapbooks. There seem to be so many other things that need doing in the course of a day.

Will is blossoming. In the last few days, I swear I’ve seen his cognitive and verbal abilities expand significantly. He is able to describe abstract concepts now, which gives me more of window into his mind. He definitely understands the difference between pretending and reality. He can describe things in the future, the past, and the present, and while he jumps around from subject to subject, he has things very clear in his mind. He will sit on my lap for minutes straight (no mean feat for a 2.5 year old boy) and talk about life and activities and people and ideas. Its phenomenal to me.

Yesterday I asked him to please put one of Ellen’s bibs down the laundry chute. He hemmed and hahhed and ignored me for a while. It was hardly an issue I wanted to take to the next level (I pick my battles), but I asked him if he could please be a good listener and put the bib down the laundry chute. He looked at me for 10 seconds, his mind’s gears obviously grinding, then did what I requested. He turned to me with a huge grin on his face – so clearly proud of his own decision to listen to me. I praised him lavishly. While I do lose my temper and need to put him in a time out on occasion (which helps me calm down just as much as him), we have, so far, always been able to discuss what happened and come to agreement on how to handle the situation in the future. Its been very effective and I appreciate his spirit of forgiving/forgetting/moving on.

Ellen has been a bit off the past few days. Not her usual bright, sunny self. Her sleeping is just still so horrendous at night. I feel so badly for Steve.

Speaking of, we had a heart to heart the other night. He shared something with me he said he hadn’t realized before then, but which had been upsetting him for a very, very long time. It felt like the missing piece of the puzzle to me. Its very private to Steve, so I won’t share it here, but it is very important to the state of our union, so I’m very thankful he talked to me about it.

I’ve observed that many people bemoan the state of parenting and families “these days” – and that bothers me a bit. I think there are some great things about being a parent today. Here are a few:

-There is so much now known about how children develop, so we have more information than ever before to help us nurture them.

-There are so many very involved fathers. 1 out of every 5 fathers is a stay-at-home dad. Even though Steve is the only one of his friends staying home, all of his friends are VERY involved dads and think what Steve does is cool. I think that’s wonderful. I know fathers from my parents’ generation who are PROUD of the fact that they never changed diapers or performed similar care-giving tasks.

-There are lots of resources for moms – moms groups, online resources/communities, etc.

-Society in general now will support parents’ pursuit of justice for any type of child abuse. Meaning, society doesn’t ask parents to just let it go, or just be quiet about abuse happening to their children. This wasn’t always the case.

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9 years ago

Digital-Scrapping is what I would do with that magical 25th hour that eveyone wishes for. I feel the same way, Lynn...wishing that I could capture all of the moments, because I HAVE already forgotten so many! I did realize, though, that my daily blogging here on CK will be a great tool for scrapping the past 6 months or so...since I talk about Maya so much here, I plan on going back through my blog to see what I've already forgotten! :laugh5: -- and I agree...this is an AMAZING time in their development. Maya cracks me up each and every day!




9 years ago

Every time you write about Will, I see Trevor. =D They are at the same age, and so I can relate to everything you're talking about. Trevor is really late in developing his verbal skills, but the last few weeks have been AMAZING. He has picked up so many new words and concepts, and there are times when I just sit and smile and watch them play. It's so fascinating.

by CBL