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Friday, May 16 2008

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This is for Stephie: The universe is exacting its revenge on me for being a mean older sister - I will have to watch my daughter have her heart broke by her big brother for the next few years. Its fitting. Its not that Will is mean the way I was mean (phew!), but he is just sort of carelessly affectionate with Ellen in a breezy sort of way. Her eyes follow him and she just lights up whenever he is near, and when he talks to her, her whole body goes into spasms of excitement.

This week driving home from work I heard a story on NPR/MPR by Melissa Block. She was covering the earthquake in China, and followed a couple one whole day as they searched for their 2.5 year old son and their parents in the rubble of their apartment building. The couple practically dragged the excavator machinery to the apartment building, and after 9 hours of work, the rescuers finally found the body of their son. The mother sobbed, “Say his name. Maybe he just fained.” I cried, and cried, and cried. I went home and held my babies close and thanked god for every day with them.

The only thing I found comforting is that the little Chinese boy had died in his Grandpa’s arms.

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9 years ago

Melissa Block has been blowing me away this week. Her heart AND her professionalism are just stunning. The whole thing is just more than I can fathom.

by REV



9 years ago





9 years ago

:cry3: What a way to start the morning. I'm gonna squeeze my kiddos extra tight today, too. ..// I love the description of Ellen and Will. I wish I could watch it in action. :)




9 years ago

It's just so heart breaks a little more every time I think about it or hear of another aftershock.