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Monday, Jun 16 2008

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Okay - this lady is cracking me up.


I had what I’m training myself to call a good learning experience (LE) yesterday (vs a *&^*-up). I’ve never really had to worry about what is on the TV while Will is around since he has never shown much (hardly any) interest in TV, unless its Little Einsteins, the intro song to Sponge Bob, or Sesame Street. However, yesterday I was downstairs with Will and Ellen with the TV on playing Shrek III (LE #1). I was trying to feel E some rice cereal and getting frustrated (LE #2) because she was really not digging it. [She has been sleeping so well since I started the rice cereal that I’m overly anxious for to keep eating it (LE #3)]. All of a sudden, Will yells, “NO! NO!” in a panic stricken voice. My eyes flew up to his and I realized that he was watching a dream sequence where Shrek is imaging hundreds of babies climbing over him, and one of the babies had just flown through the air and been almost-not-caught by Shrek. E, who thinks the sun rises and sets on Will, heard his voice, and began sobbing. I quickly turned off the TV and hurriedly tried to get them both in my arms. Will keep saying, “Baby! Baby hurt!” And I did my best to explain that the baby was okay and that it was just pretend that I was very sorry he was worried.
It was such piercemyheart reminder of how sensitive my son is to others, and that is a trait I cherish, cherish, cherish about him. Its also a good reminder of his developmental stage – he is beginning to imaginatively enter into ideas and stories and pretend, and with that can come fear. So, I will now be very cautious about what is on TV while he is around.

I was grateful he didn’t mention it this morning. I was worried he would have nightmares.

Unfortunately, this morning wasn’t an improvement: I registered Will at VBS at the local Lutheran church since they advertised a special room for 2 year olds, and I’m always looking for opportunities for Will to interact with other children. POP is fairly liberal as Lutheran churches go, so I felt comfortable with Will, at this age, being in a Christian-only setting. Steve went to drop Will off this morning, and called me as close to tears as I’ve heard him in a long time. Apparently there were thousands (probably hundreds, but lots, anyway) of children milling around with very few adults. Will was mis-registered for a 3-4 yr old group being LED BY A TEN YEAR OLD. Steve refused to hand Will off to the 10 year old, and corralled an adult after searching for one to hand Will off to (Will in tears, etc.). I told Steve Will should be in a special 2-year old room, which he eventually found, but then called me back and said there were AT LEAST 30 children in the room, most crying, and only 3 adults, one of whom was a teenager who was staring blankly at the wall. He said that if he didn’t have E with him, he would have HAD to stay and help because he was so concerned for other kids. He said in addition to the 30 kids in the room, there were 20 handwritten names on the registration sheet. WTF?!?! Granted, these programs depend heavily on volunteers, but you have to be organized. HAVE TO BE. Especially with kids. I should have realized that the program was not well managed as I had called LAST WEEK since we hadn’t received any registration information or confirmation in the mail, and the person in charge of “Family Ministries” couldn’t tell me anything about when to expect that information. This is the individual EMPLOYED by the Church, not a volunteer. She didn’t even seem to think it was reasonable of me to be asking for this information a week before VSB started. So. LE#4.

Is a 1:10 adult to child ratio generally acceptable for 2 years old? I am a child of teachers, so IKNOW that parents are often unreasonable and hysterical and PITAs to their children’s teachers and caregivers, but I don’t think Steve was over-reacting. Being protective is our primary responsibility while our babies are this young. Later, it might be different, but not yet. I want Will to be exposed to other children and environments, but only when its healthy and safe.

More later. I need to reflect on work.

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9 years ago

:kiss: and prayers right back atcha.




9 years ago

ha! Linda Lee is very funny, thanks for the link. I don't think I would have handled the VBS situation well at all and I don't think your expectations are unreasonable. I'm all about control =D and expect others to be a step ahead of me, especially if I'm paying them and giving them authority over something important in my life (so far my best example is kenneling, which is a grain of salt compared to childcare). I'm sorry all of you went through that.




9 years ago

I don't think Steve or you over-reacted at all. That sounds like it was a horribly unorganized mess. Our VBS is huge and is so well staffed with volunteers, it's ridiculous. They have 3 or 4 rooms for each grade level and multiple volunteers in each room. Usually about 3 adults and one or two junior vounteers. The junior volunteers NEVER have kids to themselves without other adults. It's a shame that Will wasn't able to experience the time with the other kids because of their mess. :(

by AMYC18