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Friday, Jun 20 2008

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Will eats banana and piece of toast for breakfast every morning in his high chair and I talk at him or myself. I love our mornings together. This morning I heard a siren, and said, "That siren is ridiculous. Its going to wake Ellen up." Will thought about it, and said "Si-wen dick-less" and I couldn't stop laughing. He's probably right.

I have a pet peeve with sirens and motorcycles. Both are just ludicrously loud. Even if I didn't have sleeping children, it would bother me. I swear I want to throw hand grenades at our neighbors with Harley's - they gun them on our residential street. I can see red at times.

Ellen loves squash. LOVES it. She is way umimpressed with the rice cereal, but could each the squash all day long. This is probably a good thing. Steve said to me the other night, "I hope she isn't a chubby child. She is so plump now." We do have reason to be concerned - Ellen's counsins are overweight, and while there are slender people in both of our families, there is also heaviness-a-plenty in our genetic makeup, although less on my side of the family. I told Steve that both my sister and I were round babies, but were slim children, so I think Ellen will be okay.

Ellen is sleeping better - she's not sleeping through the night, but at least now she is only getting up once in a 9-10 hour stretch, which is SO much more manageable than 2-3 times in a 8 hour stretch. I'm making a lot of effort to connect with Ellen, and I'm feeling good about it. She is in a bit of a strange phase right now, and I remember a similar akwardness with Will around this age...

A few other Will-isms: I told him last night it was time for his bath, and he looked at me with a very distainful face and said, "Not. Quite. Yet." Just like that, too, with silent periods in between the words for emphasis.

THis morning as he was waking up, he said, again very seriously, "Charlotte yells a lot." (this is a friend of his that he hasn't seen in a while, so I wasn't sure what his mental context was.). Then, with that big head on that skinny neck and those gigantic eyes, he said, "Charlotte need-ah take-ah nap." Ah, I thought, TOTAL transference.

I'm going to have to cut his mullet one of these days. Its so cute, though - those big curls.


I need to find some time to write about work. I can't do it while I'm at work since there is spy-ware on my computer. While its not the best thing in the world from a corporate culture standpoint, I appreciate that I was told it was there. My job and company are bizzare. Until I can explain more fully, in a nutshell: I don't mind the work (I'm liking being an individual contributor vs a manager for now), I'm ambivilent about most of the people (gosh, do I miss my friends from my last job), and the work-life balance couldn't be better. (Earlier this week we were told we needed to work from home at least once a week - as if this would be something we'd need to forced into.)

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9 years ago

:kiss: I always know when I read your journal that somehow I am going to find moment of "pure" joy and happiness. I am so happy you share your childrens lives with us, it's nice to remember how sweet life can really be.




9 years ago

Too cute! My friend's nephew has what I like to call Justin-isms. He once pointed to her feet (she had painted toenails) and said: I love (long pause) your toes. I think it's great that you are writing these down now :love:



9 years ago

I would be able to stop laughing either, I'm scared I'm going to reinforce some pretty bad words when our kid starts talking. =D we have a friend in Texas who swears that his motorcycle is loud because he needs to make sure cars can hear him when he's on the highway... and I always remind him "and what does that have to do with you revving in your driveway?"




9 years ago

Um..we need pictures of Will's cute little curls before they go bye-bye! It is sooo funny when they use grown up words and phrases -- but even funnier when they mis-pronounce. :laugh5: Have a great day, Lynn!