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Friday, Jun 27 2008

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In reading about Tori being tired, I remember something I did last weekend when Steve was out of town and I was by myself with my babies.

I put Ellen on a play mat on the rug in the living room, took a pillow off the couch, and layed down by her, with my arm over her legs to snuggle with her. The doors were locked, and Will was playing with his CD player in his room (he likes reggae and folk songs!), and I, honest to God, dozed. On the ground, in bright sunlight. It was light dozing, and I was never unaware of either Will or Ellen's movements (amazing how good at that you become one you're a mom...its like you have gay-dar, but its kid-dar, or baby-dar - at all times you know where they are). So, I got a brief nap, and the only disaster was that Will stopped playing CDs and starting tearing the toilet paper off of the role one square at a time, bunching it up, and throwing each piece into the garbage. Not eco-friendly, certainly, but at least not life threatening and kept him busy. The nap was surprisingly refreshing. Weird hwo when you are hours behind in the sleep department, a 20 minute nap can feel so restorative.

For all the research and lecturing about not letting your baby cry it out, if I were a single mom, I would have to weigh the risks against not being an alert parent during the other 14 hours. Not sure what I'd do, but it would definitely be a debate with myself.

Nothing like blogging about hypothetical conversations with yourself.

Something is wrong with Ellen. She has been so fussy lately. My gut instinct isn’t kicking in, so I can’t figure what it is. Usually I have good idea, but not this time. Its possibly related to pooping…she seems to be inordinately upset before, during, and after bowel movements. However, her stools (OKAY, I know I’m writing about my baby’s poops – I can’t help it. You can stop reading now if you want to) are loose and not what I would think would cause pain. So, either she is just sensitive to it, or she has some type of bowel issue, or its none of the above and she is just going through a phase. She was just at the doctor’s and she seems very healthy. Its so frustrating. I hate, hate, hate how my compassion for her diminishes the longer she cries and the more tired I get.

I’m having my play-date moms over tonight for a Girls’ Night Out. It’ll be fairly tame since one is pregnant, and another just gave birth. I hope the weather clears up so we can be on my lovely deck. I love our deck during the summer.

For any other moms out there who had c-sections…have you found a way around the stomach pooch above the incision? Granted, I’m not at my thinnest but I’m by no means at my heaviest, and I can’t see how this flap/roll of skin is ever going to go away. Am I SOL?

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9 years ago

Could Ellen be teething? I've found it a lot easier to let the second child cry it out than it was the first.




9 years ago

Naps on the floor are good. My floors are still too messy with Dad's stuff, but I look forward to playtime/naptime on the floor soon. :) ... This sounds like Ehin was with the gassiness before I opened up the gas drops. Have you switched what Ellen is eating? She's not on solids yet, right? ... Don't feel bad. I doubt there's a parent that hasn't been in your shoes as far as waning compassion during a long crying session. Sometimes there's nothing that can be done. If the baby's fed, clean & dry and will not be consoled, then letting him/her cry is all you can do at that point. It's times like those that I am grateful for having severe hearing loss in my left ear -- the wails are less intense. :) ... I sure hope we're not SOL about the belly pooch. It will be awhile before I can find out, but I'll let you know when I get there. ;)




9 years ago

See...I must not be that sleep deprived because I can NEVER fall asleep when I want to take a brain kicks in and I either nag myself out of it with all the "things" that must get done or I just can't fall asleep. Bummer, because who doesn't love a good nap? As for the cry-it-out/single mom combo -- this one couldn't do it....but I also spent the first 14 months of motherhood laying in bed with Maya for nearly and hour waiting for her to fall asleep. Good bonding time, but also insanely frustrating. // Sorry about Ellen's poop issues..hope they clear up soon. // Have a FABULOUS Girls' Night - tame or not!