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Tuesday, Jul 8 2008

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I have a mental image of a body builder flexing her biceps and blowing on them. That’s how I feel after the last 84 hours alone with Will and Ellen. It was so empowering. And intense. So often I thought, I want to write about this, but what little personal time I had I wanted to use for other things. I was calm, mostly serene, fun, and active. It wasn’t perfect – Will had to have some timeouts/quiet times and Ellen did her usual poor sleeping, but I navigated it successfully.

I really appreciated how close I felt Ellen after this time. She’s become a little diva (in both the charming and demanding sense) and I say, “You go, girl!” I swear she is saying “Hi” sometimes. She’s become a fan of sweet potatoes and squash. She has very good fine motor skills – and not-so-developed gross motor skills. She loves stripes. She practically ripped Will's shirt off his back in her eagerness to eat the stripes. It made Will and I laugh.

And Will, even at 2 and ¾ was a big help to me. He’s good fetcher of things, which is very handy. I’m working on teaching him to put his own clothes on. He’s doing about 85% of it himself. He’s so anxious for approval that I worry sometimes. I’m also trying to do make sure he does his puzzles once a day since he gets so frustrated with tasks like that, that I want/need him to gain self confidence in this area. He’s always been incredibly frustrated when can’t fit something into or onto something else (lids/caps/puzzles,etc.) I'm going to look at Montisorri (sp) preschools in our area over the next few months.

What confidence booster the last 4 days were for me.

Now that Steve is back, though, I’m exhausted. The 5-6 hours of broken sleep a night is catching up with me.

We decided to start potty training Will in August. I need to read up on it more, but we both like the idea of good-bye to diapers event, and have that be it, except for pull-ups at night. I’ll load up on some thrift store shorts and shirts and we’ll just plan to have him on the potty every hour, and dealing with the accidents if/when they come.

I’m doing some mental pre-planning for the set of pounds to come off. I’ve been maintaining now for a while, and am starting to feel the urge to get the rest of weight off. I want to be very mindful/planful about it, though, so I’m not starting in just yet.

My dad is coming to visit soon, followed by my sister. Yippee! Then I have my 3-4 days of personal vacation up north BY MY SELF to look forward to. I can’t wait.

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9 years ago

Yeah...I felt guilty about my summer vacation days for about 10 minutes and then I realized that it's 24/7 all mommy-all the time around here for 95% of my days. Sooooo..I got over the guilt really fast!




9 years ago

They really are exactly alike! I've gotten Eric those same things! The corn on the cob things, the food saver, the nicer dicer, the knock-off silicone oven mitt. Linen's and Things in So. Cal. was going out of business and had the Magic Bullet 40% off. He was in HEAVEN. =D I even bought him a magnet for the dish washer that says either clean or dirty and a dry erase board for the refrigerator so he can put the grocery list there. FINALLY I have found someone who won't think that I am a freak for buying those things for my husband! :laugh5:

by CBL



9 years ago

mmm... stripes. :teeth2: sounds like a really rewarding weekend for you and I'm glad you had a chance to write about it. I love the idea of a personal vacation, will have to keep that in mind after a few months with a newborn.




9 years ago

Sounds like you had a great weekend, despite the fact you were all by yourself.... Maybe I should give myself a little credit & start feeling empowered too.... I never give myself enough credit for everything that I do.... I just focus on what I didn't do, or what I could do better.




9 years ago

Are you kidding me with this?! YOU go, girl!!

by REV



9 years ago

I'm glad that you feel so good about your time alone with the ARE Wonder Woman! // Good luck with potty training - just be ready to accept if he ISN'T ready and move on until he is. I sat Maya on the potty every 30 minutes or so the first day (we stayed home all day long) and rewarded her with 1 m&m for sitting there, 2 for doing something. She was day-trained almost immediately, but is still in pull-ups for night time.




9 years ago

Yup. Doing it well all on your own can make you feel like Wonder Woman. =D Glad you and the kiddos had fun!