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Thursday, Jul 31 2008

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I have been experiencing severe fatigue/sleepiness regularly over the past few weeks. I had attributed it to the weekends of solo child duty and poor sleeping during the week, but its not abating even though I’ve had 4 nights now of 7 hours of relatively uninterrupted sleep. I’m literally falling asleep in the middle of my work. Granted, this is a very low key work environment (few meetings, very isolated and private cube) but still…it seems excessive.

I realized that I was getting used to a caffeine pick me up mid afternoon, but I’ve tried to stop that since it only gives me headaches when I don’t remember to drink something caffeinated at the same time each afternoon, and because I was worried that it was contributing to my poor sleeping at night. However, there comes a point where you have to choose between REMAINING AWAKE at work and a headache. Long term, employment is more important. Norf.

I’m getting exercise 3 or 4 times per week, so I don’t think its lack of movement. I’m not pregnant (seriously, thank you hey-soos), I don’t think I’m depressed (any more than is normal for me, anyway). Perhaps its just that life is exhausting right now with my two little bundles of energy.

Oh, have they been wonderful (lack of sleep on Ellen’s part aside, per usual) the past few days! Ellen has figured out how to make a new noise, and is very proud of herself. She’s rolling over on dime from back to front. No real front to back yet, which frustrates her. She is edible. I tell her all the time how I’m going to eat her various plump little body parts. She grins.

I may still sell her, though. I’m keeping my options open, at least until one of her parents is fully rested.

Monkey is my precious boy. He is so good to Ellen, it makes my heart ache to watch him with her. Tori – she may have regained the upper hand in this relationship – Will’s been a devoted (and independent) servant. He’ll go get toys for her unasked, and will kiss her head unprompted. He’s tender like his daddy.
Will made my sister and I laugh by talking about Ripple’s “diggling” in the back yard. Juvenile, I realize, but “diggling” is pretty amusing. He throws l’s into other words – like “blanklet.” He’s using “frustrated” and “cooperative” as “fuss-awaited” and “coptif”. And, every sentence includes the word “akshwee” in a very adult tone of voice. Its hard not to laugh.

He is pulling on his pants almost independently now – the elastic waist kind. I’m not sure how to teach putting on a shirt without some assistance, but we’ll work on it. I tried to show him how to hold the shirt with one hand, while putting the other one up and through the sleeve, but that seemed very hard for him to translate into his own body. I’ll keep trying, though, practice work with Will.

No bites on the LaCrosse house yet. I could start to stress about money pretty easily, but I’d need to be awake for that.

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9 years ago

:kiss: Will is just growing up so fast.




9 years ago

Hey, Lynnie! If you ever need a buyer for Ellen (AND Will) I'm here! :kiss: I'm trying to defeat the Caffeine Monster right now, with mixed results. I'm not allowed carbonation, post-surgery, so I'm drinking ONE glass of something in the morning called "Morning Spark." It comes in those little packets that you mix with water, and comes in Apple, Cranberry and Orange. Um, I'm thinking that they must have WAY the heck more than my old stand-by, Diet Dew, because I feel like I can leap tall buildings in a single bound. And I can't stop talking. Or typing. :D I may have to cut back on this, definitely!




9 years ago

I remember when Blake was learning to dress himself. He's 5 now and still does the head first. Hell...Kurt's 40 and HE still does the head first. :tongue10:

by AMYC18



9 years ago

You knew she would win in the long run. Delicious girls always know how to get the boys to do what they want. :P ... And the head first trick works like a charm. Raziel still does it.




9 years ago

Who knew that clicking on your blog today would net me instructions on how to teach Maya to put her own shirt on! :laugh5: We've been struggling with that too, and I had NO idea how to teach her..and Maya is over 3! I love toddler talk -- so cute! Hope you feel more rested soon, that really stinks!




9 years ago

I hope you start to feel more energized. It is such a struggle when we don't feel good. Your kids sound darling. :)




9 years ago

I love Will's words. Yesterday Trevor came up with a new phrase, which you know he got from one his parents: "my house, my rules". Of course, it came out as "my huss, my woos". :laugh5: With Will and the shirt, start head first. If he can find the big hole, he can pull it over his head on his own and then find the smaller holes with his arms. Jacob still has to do this, because I think going arms first requires more coordination or something than what they have right now.

by CBL



9 years ago

Ha! My angle on the photo wasn't very good. That's actually the skylight over the (round desk underneath) welcome center. LMAO. But now that you mention it, it's good to know where to guide the people we're ready to have 'disappeared' from the space. :laugh5:

by REV



9 years ago

norf is now my new favorite word, I must find ways to work it into sentences today. I had to break my caffeine pickup too. I would usually have one measly soda with lunch and never thought anything of it, until I'd miss one and wind up with a headache in the afternoon. crazy how strong that little addiction can become.




9 years ago

DIGGLING. Oh man. I'm totally LMAO. :laugh5: That's good.

by REV