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Wednesday, Aug 13 2008

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Yesterday was full of Italian-accented darling-isms from Will.

1. (probably the funniest but also slight disturbing). Will was in the bathtub and I was sitting in the bathroom with him. He’s buried under mounds of bubbles. He says, “Sink-a haf-a stick in-a my tinkul-peepee.” (You read that right –“I think I have a stick in my :@”). I stare at him trying not to snort. I can’t help myself, and ask, “Why do you think that?” He says, “Cuz-a it won’t kweeze.” (“Because it wont bend”). “Mm,” I say, holding my breath. Silence. “Ellen does-unt haf-a tinkul-peepee.” “No, she has something else. Its called a vagina.” Silence. “Ellen does-unt haf-a teef.” (In Will’s mind, Ellen is missing lots of items.)

My son, the future porn star.

2. While using is big Legos: “I-na bi-wuld sumfin VEEEEEWY GWAAAND.”

3. He was pretending to go to work, with a bag and his play cell phone and some books. “Bye-bye. See you soon. Haf-a good day. Be a good-a listenah.”

4. While in another room, “Hey Lynnie! I-na check on Baby Ellen!” (Any time he’s calling out to me, he says “Lynnie” instead of “Mama” or “Mommy” – I assume he’s mimicking Steve, but it always makes me laugh. I’d be fine if he called me Lynnie all the time.)

My insomnia let go of me for 5 straight hours last night. I haven’t slept straight, without waking up, for 5 hours in a row in MONTHS. I feel incredible from it.

Had a wonderful lunch yesterday with my old boss/mentor, and two good friends from Novartis/Nestle. It was so fun to catch up and laugh. I really miss that here in my new company. We do laugh here sometimes, but its not as effortless as it was for me with my old work friends. Remember my statement that I can’t eat at restaurants unless I’ve got caloric room? Well, we went to Chili’s and I got the Guiltless Chicken Sandwich and while the chicken wasn’t that great, the veggies and beans were, and I ended up not going over too badly for the day. And I had planned in all in advance. Maybe that’s the way to eat successfully at a restaurant – knowing my choice ahead of time.

S and I are seeing much more of each other with this change in who does Ellen’s night duty. Its very nice. We have work to do communication-wise, but I think there is lots of goodwill there to try. He’s been teasing me about obviously not loving the kids or him enough or I wouldn’t be going on my solo-vacation. If he thought I actually felt guilty about it, he’d never tease me, but since I don’t, it just makes me laugh. “No…no..” he says, “Don’t worry about us…I’ll just go do your laundry now. And fix your dinner. And clean.” He’s the world’s least convincing martyr.:dork2:

I’m on Disc 7 of about a 100 of “Anna Karenina” – its very good. I’m surprised that in my various courses in college that the sociological value of this book never came up – it’s a very interesting look at gender issues of that time.

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9 years ago

Mom said I called her Ina like forever. Poor dad had to start calling her Mommy in order for me to get the hang of it. I still call her Ina when I wanna yank her chains. lol I like Wills style for sure. :) You are a pretty cool mom in allowing him to call you by your name. :)




9 years ago

I love the things that Will says. Actually, I always wish that I could recreate the things that come out of my own kids' mouths the way that you do. It's so funny when they start to identify the differences in others' bodies. Jacob asked me once if he was ever going to have big pee-pee like Daddy. =D He also went through a phase where he called both Eric and I "honey" because that's what we call one another. :laugh5:

by CBL



9 years ago

When Dominic was 2-almost-3, he was in the big old-fashioned tub playing with his toys and I was sitting on the rug next to the tub, reading a magazine. I have to admit I was answering his million-odd questions without really listening. "Mommy" he says, "so I just have a question for you." "Yes?" He said, "So are these things -- GRAPES or WHAT?" I looked over the edge of the tub and he had a hand firmly on his scrotum. I bit my lips to keep from laughing. Allan walked into the bathroom and said, "Well, Old Man, those are yer jewels and you and me have the BEST ONES BY FAR!" Very cute until Dom decided to quote Daddy at that weekend's work picnic. :$




9 years ago

I love Will-isms. :inlove1: I'm going to start calling Kurt's willy a tinkul-peepee from now on. :laugh5: I'm so glad that you're getting a solo-vacation. A little rejuvenation trip. Lovely! :)

by AMYC18