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Tuesday, Sep 23 2008

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Random thoughts:

I respectfully request that Jennie stop trying to foist Smudge on the innocent CK population. :)

To parrot Courtney – the reason I love my church and how they represent the Divine to me is that at Sunday’s service, during offering, they handed out $20 bills to everyone in the congregation to use to “bless the world”. We’re supposed to be creative and inventive and then let the pledge team know how we’ve spent the money. My no so creative ideas are to a) return it to the church – after all, I feel like my church blesses the world; b) give it to an animal shelter or to Half the Sky (what I think of as “Michelle’s charity” or c) search online to see if there an investment vehicle of sorts for charitable/non profit organizations that could grow the $20 for good causes… Ideas are welcome.


You might think that as a feminist I would object strenuously to “The Girls Next Door” on E!

I got to thinking the other night that I think TGND is a far less harmful institution than the polygamy practices by some sects of the Mormon faith. For one, Hugh Hefner can support his various girlfriends. Many women who live in polygamy face abject poverty and developing world living conditions. For two, the first is a byproduct of our sex obsessed culture, the second is a religious mandate that stipulates that the only way to heaven for a woman is through marriage to a Mormon man. Thirdly, presumably, the Playboy GsND can leave Hugh Hefner at any time and still retain their marketability and “job” skills and any children they might have. Women who leave multiple marriages often face the loss of their children and even death.

Here’s something interesting though – I think of Mormon polygamous marriages as being “bad” but I don’t think of Islamic polygamous marriages being “bad.” Maybe because I knew women and men in polygamous marriages in Cameroun who were Muslim, and I never got the sense they were exploited in the way that everything I read about Mormon sects says women are enslaved and cowed and subservient to men. I am willing to admit that if I met any Mormons in plural marriages, I might feel differently, but I don’t think so. Critically, to my knowledge, nothing in Islam indicates that salvation for a woman is ONLY attainable through a plural marriage. Whereas that is what many believe that the Mormonism “Principle” says and certainly its what those raised in plural marriages are taught.

Any religion that says that one human’s salvation is dependent on their association with another human is problematic for me. Never mind the history and baggage associated with saying one gender’s salvation is dependent on their relationship to the other gender.


As my friend Staci finds herself a new mother, I’ve been thinking about how I felt after Will was born – it seemed to me as if the world was suddenly full of mothers.

I think the single most important thing America needs to do is to get mandatory paid maternity and paternity leave for new parents. And longer than one week for new fathers (what a joke).


My sister, who works for UNIFEM at the UN, says that to her knowledge, Rwanda is the first and only country IN THE HISTORY OF OUR PLANET to elect a majority of women to its parliament – 56%. Can you believe it!? Finally!!

Makes the US with its lame ~15% of women in our “representative” government rather laughable.

And its not that I want or need women in charge of everything, but SOMETHING closer to 50/50 would be nice.

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9 years ago

No thoughts to share this time around sweetie, but I did want to stop in to say Hello...I always love reading about what is on your mind. :wave1:




9 years ago

1) I think it's hysterical that two blogs on my "favorites" list have both "Jennie" and "Smudge" in their opening line. 2) I will accept your respectful suggestion and stop trying to farm out the damned cat. 3) Innocent, my achin' arse. :D 4) your church is so cool and I'd probably belong to it if I didn't live in BFE. and 5) check out all of the places online where you can invest in a small business in a third world country. I forget the name of the one I donated to, but you can choose the country and it's way easy. :kiss:




9 years ago

Nice mustard seed thinking, Lynn! Where can I put this money that it will grow? Just about any of those options will make that happen. 1) returning it to the church will allow that money to grow in many ways, and would be a unique interpretation of their "homework" I'm sure! 2) Half the Sky -- maybe the $$ itself is not growing, but the children who benefit from it certainly do. 3) not sure of many (if any) financial investments are making much profit these days. Lots of options, indeed! *** I love the info you gave from your sister. I read an inspiring article in Parents magazine about why moms need to vote -- here's a baby link to it: *** and, just because, :kiss: -- I sincerely hope that someday we get to meet in person, Lynn -- you are an amazing & thoughtful woman!




9 years ago

I have to say that I agree with absolutely everything in today's journal. Which I suppose really isn't all that surprising since I feel such a kinship with you. I like the $20 challenge your church handed out. What a cool way to encourage community giving and participation.

by CBL



9 years ago

Very informative. Thanks for sharing all your info. I think that 20.00 from your church is awesome, thinking out of the box!




9 years ago

The world has long been full of mothers! And that's all I'm going to say about that! :teeth2:

by JAY