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Friday, Sep 26 2008

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I’m so excited. I’m taking Will (just the two of us) to Wisconsin Dells tomorrow to meet up with a very dear girlfriend of mine from college and her two boys.

After airline travel (and travel with Steve and Ellen), this feels very low key. Its in a car, on our own schedule, and with a semi-reasonable and semi-independent human being. Piece-o-cake. And – Will will enjoy the water park so very much.

I’m thinking about having a birthday party for Will’s 3rd birthday. We didn’t have one for his first or second other than a family celebration, and I’d like him to have the fun of a party. I need to discuss it in detail with Steve because these are the types of events that Steve just doesn’t enjoy thinking about and wouldn’t do unless I initiate the idea. And that’s okay, since I’m learning that I can “insist” on them without the sky falling. But, still – I don’t like seeing him stress. He’s my darling.

Other than that, not much is flying through my head right now, which feels strange.

Its beginning to be fall here in MN – the loveliest time of year here in my opinion. Sweaters and cool days and red and golden leaves, but no snow. Pumpkins and warms houses.

I can sense some restless in me setting in again. I wonder if a once-a-year personal getaway isn’t quite enough for me. After all, I “just” got back from my personal vacation in August. I need to see if there is a time in the next several months that I could steal a day or two away for. Hmm.

Ellen, after 8 months and 25 days of baldness, in the last week or two has grown this gorgeous strawberry blond hair to about a 1/3 of an inch. I CANNOT keep my hands or lips off of her head. Its so silky.

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9 years ago

How was your weekend?? Did Will wear you out? Hey, I want a spot in the guest bed too!!!




9 years ago

Hope you had a great time at the Dells. How fun that just you and Will get to spend that time together. I second Stace's idea and save me a spot in the guest bed! =D

by AMYC18



9 years ago

I'm picturing you and Will driving down sun-dappled roads with leaves blowing in your wake. You're having GREAT conversations with Monkey, until he pops off to sleep. Have a great weekend, Lynnie! :kiss: SF - San Francisco - yeah, don't I just wish! :laugh5:




9 years ago

Good for you and Will, enjoy your mini getaway - Yipppppeeeeee :clap:




9 years ago

gotta love a redhead :inlove1: I can't wait to see if Gray's hair stays red or changes late in the game. we have a nice guest room, a gorgeous Fall view, and easy access to other Midwest ladies if you want a getaway in the Hoosier state. =D




9 years ago

I think you should get away -- and swing by St. Louis on your way to wherever and pick me up, too! =D




9 years ago

Mmm. Freshly washed baby hair is the best. :queen: