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Friday, Sep 26 2008

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Iím so excited. Iím taking Will (just the two of us) to Wisconsin Dells tomorrow to meet up with a very dear girlfriend of mine from college and her two boys.

After airline travel (and travel with Steve and Ellen), this feels very low key. Its in a car, on our own schedule, and with a semi-reasonable and semi-independent human being. Piece-o-cake. And Ė Will will enjoy the water park so very much.

Iím thinking about having a birthday party for Willís 3rd birthday. We didnít have one for his first or second other than a family celebration, and Iíd like him to have the fun of a party. I need to discuss it in detail with Steve because these are the types of events that Steve just doesnít enjoy thinking about and wouldnít do unless I initiate the idea. And thatís okay, since Iím learning that I can ďinsistĒ on them without the sky falling. But, still Ė I donít like seeing him stress. Heís my darling.

Other than that, not much is flying through my head right now, which feels strange.

Its beginning to be fall here in MN Ė the loveliest time of year here in my opinion. Sweaters and cool days and red and golden leaves, but no snow. Pumpkins and warms houses.

I can sense some restless in me setting in again. I wonder if a once-a-year personal getaway isnít quite enough for me. After all, I ďjustĒ got back from my personal vacation in August. I need to see if there is a time in the next several months that I could steal a day or two away for. Hmm.

Ellen, after 8 months and 25 days of baldness, in the last week or two has grown this gorgeous strawberry blond hair to about a 1/3 of an inch. I CANNOT keep my hands or lips off of her head. Its so silky.

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9 years ago

How was your weekend?? Did Will wear you out? Hey, I want a spot in the guest bed too!!!




9 years ago

Hope you had a great time at the Dells. How fun that just you and Will get to spend that time together. I second Stace's idea and save me a spot in the guest bed! =D

by AMYC18



9 years ago

I'm picturing you and Will driving down sun-dappled roads with leaves blowing in your wake. You're having GREAT conversations with Monkey, until he pops off to sleep. Have a great weekend, Lynnie! :kiss: SF - San Francisco - yeah, don't I just wish! :laugh5:




9 years ago

Good for you and Will, enjoy your mini getaway - Yipppppeeeeee :clap:




9 years ago

gotta love a redhead :inlove1: I can't wait to see if Gray's hair stays red or changes late in the game. we have a nice guest room, a gorgeous Fall view, and easy access to other Midwest ladies if you want a getaway in the Hoosier state. =D




9 years ago

I think you should get away -- and swing by St. Louis on your way to wherever and pick me up, too! =D




9 years ago

Mmm. Freshly washed baby hair is the best. :queen: