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Wednesday, Oct 15 2008

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Do you remember my entry a few weeks ago about the $20 that the congregation received during the offering at my church?

According to my church's website, here are some of things that people have done with their "Bless the World" money:

"After considering a few different options, we decided that we wanted to donate the money to Project Peanut Butter, an organization making a U.S. version of Plumpy'nut. Using the $20.00 from the church, we added our own $25.00 to it, which made for a total of $45.00. This is enough to save THREE children from malnutrition (includes the entire treatment process as well as preventative care for the future). If you don't know about plumpy'nut or Project Peanut Butter, you will be amazed to find out how effective these products are for children all over the world, especially in Africa. Within one or two days of the supplement, children are gaining a pound or two. It is literally a life-saving product. Feel free to check out this link:"

"In the spirit of solidarity, we want our $20 to go directly to a person coming out of prison and into an Amicus MnCosa circle, who will not only receive money, but frequent listening care and help with reintegration in the community from individual people in the circle. By walking beside ex-prisoners in need, Amicus circles are what solidarity is all about."

"We have decided to try to multiply our $20 by using the money to prepare a simple meal of chili & soup that can feed many. We've invited people to come for dinner and pay what they can or even what they might for a normal dinner out. The money we collect will go towards items for a Habitat for Humanity house: faucet, toilet, door, windows, etc. The dinner is this Sunday evening, open house style. "

"As I was paying for the gas at my favorite station, I asked the young many, who is usually there, if he had a mom. He said, "I sure do!" So I gave him the $20 and explained the "Bless the World" plan. He just loved it when I said I wanted him to do something for her. He couldn't thank me enough!! and was so excited to tell her he would take her out for dinner with it. I teared up as I drove away!"

:love: :love: :love: Jennie :love: :love: :love:

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9 years ago

what fantastic contributions :love:




9 years ago

AWESOME. We did a $1 gift a couple of years ago during stewardship. (Hey, at 850 worshippers a weekend, that adds up!) I love the idea of having people report in!!! Passing this along right now ...

by REV



9 years ago

I love your church, Babe. But where do you keep the ancient old harpies that cluck their tongues at what your kids are wearing and can do everything better than everyone else? :huh::laugh5: :kiss: I'm enjoying the new pics, too! :clap: