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Thursday, Oct 16 2008

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Attention Mothers of Son(s):

(not being sexist here, I just don’t know any CK fathers of sons)

Would you share your potty training experiences with me with your son(s)? I wondering specifically:

a) how long the whole process took
b) how did you incorporate pooping (vs peeing) into the training?
c) what advice do you have?

Steve and I are going to look at a lake house on Sunday. Its pretty amazing on paper – we are very scared that we will love it. Selling our current home would be so hard right now. But, its so fun to dream, and this is probably the only housing market where a one-income household could hope to buy lakefront property. We’ll see.

The offer made on our La Crosse house fell through – the woman got cold feet. So, we are going to rent it out again. On the one hand, GROAN. On the other, you do what you have to. We can’t keep eating a second mortgage payment every month – even if it is a smaller one.

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9 years ago

Lake front property....ohhhh sounds so relaxing and peaceful. Wishing you well on you trip. Keep us posted.




9 years ago

definitely understand the two mortgage dilemma. we sold ours at the last minute and had been talking about renting it too. exciting stuff about the lake house!