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Saturday, November 22nd 2008

Not much time - we leave for OKC today. I'll update more there.

We have our preapproval letter from the mortgage broker! Yipee! So now we can make an offer on Monday or Tuesday after Steve signs up with the real estate broker. I"m so excited.

We have to have a quick close - 12/31 to avoid some new restrictive rules being put in place.

We've decide to list our current home both for sale and for rent, and which ever happens first is what we'll go with.

To add satisfaction...

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Monday, November 17th 2008

(Just correcting the more obvious typos) :dork2:


Disaster has struck! Steve and I have found our dream home. It is on a lake, about 35 minutes north of the Cities, has 4 bedrooms, and 3800 sq feet.

Our challenges are:
a) we can’t make an offer contingent on the sale of our existing home;
b) its in a limbo status / short sale with the bank, so the listing agent is having to jump through hoops to figure out who to work with at the bank and what to recommend to buyers re offers;...

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Tuesday, November 11th 2008

Its one of those dark November days that make me want to crawl back in bed for a long nap. No one else is here in the office this week, so it has been very slow. And its only Tuesday. There’s only so much self-created work I can do. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately – since I attended a baby shower for a colleague from my last job with a slew of previous coworkers. Its such a contrast in work environments, and it makes me question my mission and setup here. I think I’ve done what I ...

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Friday, November 7th 2008

Just put some $ into a money market savings account. How sad when the best interest rate is less than 4%. Still…better than a) nothing and b) actually losing money.

Since she won’t let me post a comment to her blog, I just want to say what a HAWT geek Tori is – and how if I batted for the other team, I wouldn’t know who to choose from of the CK women – they’re all amazing.

Anyway – re Tori: Now she translates LATIN. In the middle of the NIGHT. I’m lucky if no one loses a limb ...

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Wednesday, November 5th 2008

Saw the house last night, and while I liked the house better than I had hoped, the actual lakeshore wasn't as great as the pictures. The house is at one end of the lake, so off to one side you actually see very heavy traffic on a road that is practically on the lakeshore. So. Bummer.

But, also a bit of a relief, since we aren't quite ready to make an offer yet, really. We'll keep looking. The real estate agent I spoke with last night works with lots of foreclosures and said that he predicts...

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