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Wednesday, Nov 5 2008

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Saw the house last night, and while I liked the house better than I had hoped, the actual lakeshore wasn't as great as the pictures. The house is at one end of the lake, so off to one side you actually see very heavy traffic on a road that is practically on the lakeshore. So. Bummer.

But, also a bit of a relief, since we aren't quite ready to make an offer yet, really. We'll keep looking. The real estate agent I spoke with last night works with lots of foreclosures and said that he predicts in the Twin Cities that the next round of foreclosures will be the 500K plus houses, which could be great for us if they get listed below that, and then take lowball offers. So - we'll see. The goal is to find our "forever" house, so I don't need to be in a rush.

As it is, Steve and I are able to save about 1K a month without too much pain, so the longer it takes, the more downpayment we have.

I'm trying to manage some anxiety this morning. Not sure where it is coming from. I'm thrilled about the election, so that's not it.

I think I'm feeling anxious about my evening alone with the kids tonight. I have a good plan - baths. They both love them and it takes up lots of time which means less time for meltdowns (for either them or me). I'm still anxious, though. Feeling weepy. I can do this, dammit. Its not rocket science to handle two kids at once. It just feels that way to me more often than it should.

I'm also anxious about Ellen's chronic constipation - I found ONE website last night that said the bananas and squash can create hard stools. Which is all Ellen's been eating of "real" foods. I feel horrible and guilty that I may have been creating this pain for her. And that I'd never run across that fact re bananas/squash before.

Thinking a lot about what both Michelle and Staci wrote about "rewarding" themselves with food at night. (Actually, Staci wasn't saying it was a reward, more a habit as I read it, Michelle said she felt it was a reward) - I've been feeling the need for a reward lately, and "all" I have or want is food-related. I don't want another type of reward. But, I can't let myself go down that road or I'll undo all my progress. But, I do want food at night after a long day. Seems "wrong" that I should need that.

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9 years ago

Bananas are rich in potassium and good for CNS development so don't feel bad for giving them to Ellen. Who says that bananas can back babies up? The applesauce foundation? :)

by JAY



9 years ago

have you tried avocado? I want it to be one of Gray's first foods because it's nutritious and it's GREEN. :P I think you'll have a fun night tonight with your babies, and your reward will be two beautiful sleeping angels after a warm, happy bath with momma. I'm thinking I'm going to switch out the trail mix for a glass of wine, I just need to pick one that doesn't require cheese, chocolate, or salt to go with it. :devious:




9 years ago

Poor Ellen -- :cross3: -- hope things work out for her soon! You'll do fine tonight...bathtime is a great plan. :y: ~~ I wish I could find another reward or passtime in the evenings,'s just not right!