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Wednesday, Dec 10 2008

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I resumed journal-ing about two years or so ago so that I could start capturing Will’s developments in an easy-to-reference-later type of format. I’ve gotten away from that lately.

Will is 3 years and 1.5 months old right now.

He recognizes and can actually name upon sight half a dozen or so letters (A, B, E, G, W, R, M, D, S,). He can recite the ABCs perfectly.

He can count actual objects to 5 very well, and occasionally to 10. In this area, he has regressed – he was counting up to 10 at just over two years old, so I’m not sure what’s going on there. Maybe is the key difference of reciting the order of counting works vs actually using them to perform a function.

His vocabulary and speech patterns progress daily, it seems. Its almost hard to categorize them.

He understands that things happen in the future and in the past, but he doesn’t use the correct terminology for that (ie yesterday is often tomorrow, etc.)

He’s gotten VERY good at saying (okay shouting) “NO!” (I have found myself saying the most asinine things to him, “I’m the mommy, so I get to tell you what to do.” Wow. Skilled parenting, yes?)

He’s very good at fitting shapes into their respective holes now, which I’m glad for. We haven’t tried free form puzzles yet, though.

He enjoys coloring, and makes a very obvious effort to color a particular object in. No free hand people yet.

He’s partially dressing himself, and almost completely undressing himself.

Potty training is on hold for now.

He’s very demonstrative with both affection and frustration.

Loves baths, water, snow.

He’s been sledding with Steve the last two days on the hill by our house, and count do it for HOURS on end. He and Ripple both.

He loves Barney, which is the first program besides the Baby Einstein DVDs that he has been able to concentrate on (not that we mind that this is the only one).

I’m trying to get more and more complex books from the library, since I think he is beginning to be able to process story lines better.

He resists pretending – he wants things to be REAL.

His relationship with Ripple is less antagonistic, which is good.

He is “good” about 50% of the time with Ellen – the rest is a challenge to keep from shoving and pushing, and grabbing things away from her.

Last night he asked me what ‘miscellaneous’ meant. I said, stupidly, “odds and ends”. He just looked at me, so I put on my think-like-a-3-year-old hat, and finally came up with, “Stuff.” He was satisfied with that. I like that he knows to ask me what words mean.

I’ll do Ellen next time.

A speaker we had at a recent MOPS meeting talked about how she evaluated almost everything she “has” to do against her list of 3 priorities, and that this was how she decided to “either do, dump, or delegate” ALL those things. I enjoyed her talk/presentation. She actually referenced since she is a long time registered dietician who more recently got into life coaching.

In made me think about my priorities. I want them to be:
1. my marriage
2. my children, and
3. me (meaning, those things that make me feel good about myself, that support who I want to be and how I want to live).

All of life’s other wonderful/challenging things fit into one of those categories, or if they don’t, they aren’t worth it. For example, friends fit under the category of me, so does my birth family, and my career fits under both my children and me since it a) supports my children and b) helps me define who I am. Spirituality potentially fits under and supports all 3. Health weight maintenance falls under and ultimately supports all 3. And so on.

My mind got going on this subject the other night, and the more I ruminate on it, the more I like it. It provides a frame work to make decisions within, as well as making certain things important in light of what they do (or don’t do) to support The Big 3. It also shifts the focus from that of “I’m entitled to xyz and poor me when those things fall through” to THESE are the things I will actively work to strengthen, support, etc.

The other piece of the presentation I enjoyed was a pact the speaker had made with some friends to make this holiday season the best ever by doing ONLY those things that brought them each joy (and the rest of the “stuff” was to be either done quickly, dumped, or delegated to someone else), and whatever those things were, they’d be “done” by December 15th. I loved that idea. While I generally find I’m less frazzled from housework/family-support work than many women, I still want the holidays to be something that my children remember with joy as they get older, and the real way to make that happen is to be joyful about it myself. I’m less on top of things than I have been in previous years, but this is the first time I’ve really thought about from the perspective of my “complete” family (ie with Ellen here). So, lots to think about and plan and do for next year.

We still haven’t been able to make an offer on the new house. We’re hoping for Friday, but at this point, both Steve and I are very mentally able to deal with any eventuality.

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9 years ago

First of all, I LOVE your new pics! // I can't believe Will is 3. It seems like not all that long ago he was Walnut. // And if Will is 3 that means it's been almost 3 years since our :queen: Amazing Ladies :queen: weekend in Chicago. It's true what they say, time flys.




9 years ago

Our little Will, gosh I cannot believe all of that has took place and in many cases come and gone. How cool it that. I feel ya on the house stuff and how mentally draining it can all be. I will be lifting your dreams up in prayer and hoping they all come true. Have the best of the best holidays.




9 years ago

Terrific Will update; I am looking forward to the Ellen one! I can't believe that he is over 3 now. Wasn't he a newborn just yesterday? :afraid4:




9 years ago

I always found it amazing when you suddenly went from an identifiable number of words they could say to an ENORMOUS number that was too large to count. It seems like it happens overnight. Maybe it does. // I need to prioritize my worrying. I've been doing too much needless worrying about things lately. Maybe all worrying is needless. Dunno. :huh:




9 years ago

What a great list of things about Will -- it's awesome that you journal this stuff because I now know how QUICKLY things are forgotten. I need to be better about this as well. ~~ I :love: what your MOPS presenter had to say and what you took away from it. I started my 2009 list at the conference I attended last week ... will share that once I feel like its more complete. Have a fabulous evening with your wonderful family, Lynn!