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Tuesday, Dec 16 2008

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Ya know, for me, sometimes this whole being healthy thing is less about the lofty noble ideals, and more about how to trick myself.

Example – I’ve been dreading working out the last few weeks. Partly because of feeling a bit under the weather, and partly just workout fatigue. Well, today, I told myself that there was no reason I had to do a FULL workout. I could just do a mini workout. And that made all the difference in my attitude and willingness to get in there and move my body. Granted, it wasn’t my FULL workout, but it was a whole lot better than NOTHING, which was the alternative I had considered.

I had to laugh at myself – my last entry included a statement about how Will doesn’t like pretending. Well, just this week, he has started pretending that his blanket is a baby. This is major shift for him, and I think it is because he really understands what pretending is. Its been fun watching him – (“shhhh, baby is sleeping!) I asked him what the baby’s name was. “Ellen” he said.

Something happened this weekend that reminded me how much I cherish Steve – who is my true safe place. I had been hurt by something, and he was the first (and only) person I needed to tell, and he canceled his plans to comfort me. It made me feel SO loved and safe and warm.

We put the offer in on the house yesterday! It goes to the bank tomorrow, so the waiting begins.

Ellen is only a week or so short of her first birthday. Oh, where to start with her? I think she is brilliant. She is beautiful, and funny, and vibrant.

She says, “Da-da-da-da” for Steve. No consistent “Ma-ma” yet for me.

She is pulling herself up to stand, and make a few tentative steps along the table or chair.

She can crawl faster than most people walk, and turns on a dime.

She is very observant. She always notices if I’m wearing a new shirt, and wants to investigate any noise she hears in the house but can’t see (ie from upstairs or in another room).

Last night, she lay at the top of stairs peering under the safety gate to greet me when I came from work. She definitely verbally greeted me.

She holds her arms up to be picked up.

She makes the ‘more’ sign. And waves. I’m trying to have her learn “all done.”

She’s sleeping from 9:30 to 6:30 straight, with a quick bottle, and then down again until about 8:45. This is SUCH a huge improvement.

She is eating puffs and wheat Chex, as well as pureed fruits. We still have to watch her closely for signs of constipation. I think we’ll keep her on formula through her second year, like did with Will. Just makes me feel good to know she is getting that nutrition.

She has 4 teeth. One on top, the rest on bottom. She looks like hockey player.

She never lets Will get in her way – meaning, even if she knows he is going to block her or take something away, she doesn’t let it discourage her. I love this persistence, because I lack it.

I love when she laughs at something Will does – Will loves it, too.

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9 years ago

Kind of scary how easy it is to fool your own self - but I do it a lot when it comes to working out! LOL - even tho' you wrote turn on a time - I had this mental image of Ellen throwing it into a speedy reverse crawl. All done must be the harder sign - my niece is working on that one with her little one. Good luck on the house - wouldn't that make a nice holiday gift.




9 years ago

Totally amazing how a tender touch can calm a mans angry soul in minutes. I am so happy I am a female, its nice that we all have this gift.




9 years ago

I am soo glad Ellen is sleeping better at night. That "Ma-Ma" is coming soon... Lane & Cal said "da-da" waaay before Ma-ma... However, Shealee sings Ma-Ma all the time, but Da-da has never really come out yet. Finally, I get my chance to hear those sweet words first.




9 years ago

I love that Steve blurb, what a wonderful place to be in life with the love of your life. Kinda puts a whole new spin on "The comfort zone." :love:




9 years ago

I love the image of Ellen turning on a dime when she's crawling along so speedily. Also the one of her peering under the safety gate to see you! I use that trick for working out all the time--I tell myself I can turn around if I need to, or do less time, or when I'm swimming I tell myself it's OK to only do 1 or 2 sets instead of 3 (my usual). I almost always end up doing the full one.




9 years ago

I doubt she looks like a hockey player. She's too pretty to be a hockey player. :love: