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Wednesday, Jan 7 2009

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Callie and I are on the same mental wavelength, if Jay the psychologist is to be trusted, because I'm obsessed with maintenance right now. Granted, its only been half a week of eating what I am guessing are my maintenance calories, but I can't stop thinking about it. I'm sure I'll get used to it, and I'm glad I'm doing it so I know what to expect when I do FINAL maintenance. It feels like a lot of calories, but not so many that I don't have to think about it. I'm logging VERY faithfully because I want my data to be accurate if and when I need to reevaluate. I got to have a piece of pie last night - it felt strange, but I had 1/2 a slice of blueberry pie with a few tablespoons of ice cream. Yummy, and it was enough to satisfy without going over.

I also noticed a bit more engery during my workouts. Not sure if that is in my head, though. Either way, it is nice to feel energized.

While pregnancies were mostly to blame, I've never maintained successfully for an extended period of time. I regained weight once, in a major way, before getting pregnant with Will, when I was coming off of the WW program. Entirely my fault, but I also can't look to that experience for reference since it was point-based, not calorie-based.

I'm very anxious to weight in on Saturday to see what this week has done to my weight/measurements, if anything. I think I'll probably de-obsess after that point.

I work from home one day a week, which is SOOO nice. I get things done between work tasks and don't have to dress up or drive. The downer is that I listen to Ellen on the monitor NOT sleeping when she should be. I find this 100000 x more stressful than work. :) Nothing like a non-sleeping baby to make me break out in hives. Its a reaction left over from the getting up 4 times a night days. Talk about an argument for not having any more babies. Steve and I just don't make good early sleepers. They seem to do well after about a year. But a year is a LONG time. :yawn2:

Still no house news. Which is okay - the longer we have until closing, the more likely it'll be that we can put our current home on the market closer to spring. Which will be better for this house - its a gorgeous yard/lot in spring.

Will mixes up "now" and "then". It can very confusing if you don't know this about him. He's OBSESSED with Barney. I may have to drug myself to survive this stage.

Ellen is signing "more", and "up", and is so much fun now. She "talks" all the time. She's slowly getting ready to stand without holding on to something. She claps and dances, and takes Will on fearlessly. It makes me cringe to watch her charge purposefully into Will (headfirst!) when she wants him out of the way. It defeats my argument to Will that Ellen is just a baby and we have to give her what she wants. :tongue10:

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9 years ago

If I had Steve's Chex Mix, I'd be hauling it to bed with me too. :eyebrows:

by REV



9 years ago

Yep, new mamma's in Canada (or at least here in Ontario; I'm not sure about the rest of the country) have a pretty good deal. They get something like 65% of their regular salary/pay for the full year. Dads can also take paternal leave, but it comes off of the mom's time off - so if a new dad takes a 4 week (65% paid) leave, mom only qualifies for 48 weeks off at 65% pay. Not a bad deal at all!



9 years ago

OMG, is Barney THAT old? Princess went through a VERY intense Barney stage where we had to have all things Barney. She once pouted and didn't speak to me for THREE DAYS because I wouldn't let her take Barney with her to preschool. (They discouraged it because the kids fought over her Barney doll and also because when she had it along she showed little interest in anything else.) My sympathies to you! Um, please do not let Will have a bb gun. (Like you would). I only recently found out that The Hippy used to tie her Talking Barney to a post in the basement with a jump rope and shoot him with his bb gun until he "spoke." Princess would stand behind him and cry while Barney was pelted with bbs. Of course I knew nothing about this because she was threatened with Even Worse Barney Mayhem should she rat him out. *sigh* And you know what's worse? I'm looking back on those days nostalgically..... :bang:




9 years ago

Maintenance is tricky! I just started, and I have no idea what to eat! Pie sure sounds good though! :love:




9 years ago

As much I don't personally like Barney, at least kids appear to learn something from the vids! So, even though the show grates, it has some value. That's what I tell myself anyway. A year is a LONG time when sleep is short, which makes nerves and patience run short as well. Hang in there. :)