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Tuesday, Jan 13 2009

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Of all the things to stress about, I'm stressed about archiving pictures and memories. The reason I've never gotten into traditional scrapbooking is because I knew it would stress me out. And the alternative for dummies ( photo books) is turning out to be as stressful. I'm not crazy about the final product, and its expensive. I wouldn't mind expensive if I loved each of the 4 books I've made so far like crazy. And I don't.

So I think I might go back to regular photo albums with, gasp, plain photos in them. And I'll make some notes, and pull some excerpts from my journal to put into the albums (maybe with a clip to keep it together). I'll try that for 3-08 through 12-08, and see what I think.

It shouldn't be stressful. I'm not sure why I feel so pressured to preserve our family memories, but I do. I think its a combination of knowing I'll want to look back when I'm older, and knowing that either/both Will or Ellen will find the memory-keeping something to cherish. I think I also feel pressured because its such a stereotypical female thing to do or to feel responsible for doing, and those types of things tend to make me stressed.

I've just started reading a book my mom sent me called "Raising Cain". Its about raising (or teaching) boys. I'm glad to say it isn't a doomsday book about the dire state of boys in today's world (that stance makes me CRAZY. Where were all these worriers for the last, oh 10,000 years, when the world wasn't geared exclusively towards women?! I think men can survive in a world that has become, at least in some places, slightly less hostile to girls and women. It shouldn't mean their demise as a gender, which is how some alarmists seems to see things). Anyway - this book provides some really good insights into boys. For me. Since I'm not male, it really helps me to learn about how the male mind develops and grows, so I can have better insight into Will.

Don't get me wrong - I think there are probably huge challenges being a male in America, just like there are huge challenges being a female. But I think its insulting to imply that the advancement of girls and women necessarily means the undermining of boys and men. I don't think those two things have to go hand in hand. And to the extent people try to insist they do, it does both genders a disservice, if not actual harm.

I skipped ahead in the book and the author argues that the best tool you can give your son/male student is the opportunity to express their inner life and the regular opportunity to burn off their physical energy. He couldn't stress either one enough, and both make tons of sense to me. I think the first will be easy for me to do with Will - we already are in the habit of talking about what each other is thinking and feeling. He is very proactive in that regard - both expressing his own feelings and thoughts, and inquiring about others' feelings and thoughts. The second is a challenge for me, at this stage of his life because of winter and the possibility of a move which prevents me from signing up for any structured activity for any length of time. I'm trying very hard to make sure that he and I schedule play dates regularly. Hopefully the physical activity will get easier to provide/encourage the older he gets.

Eesh. Apparently I had to get all that off my chest.

Ellen is AMAZING. She is so good at imitating. It floors me. She brushes her hair after seeing me do it. She taps her leg listening to music when she sees me do it. She practically undresses herself before a bath because she knows what's coming. She just seems so proactive to me, in her skill acquisition. I can't wait to see what she learns and does next. She tries to say "kitty" - it comes out as a high pitched "tiky-tiky"

(And I realize that all kids are amazing, so I hope this doesn't read as if I think no other child does the things my child does - these are my thoughts and observations about my babies. Not sure why I feel the need to state that, but there you are. Maybe its because blanket statements about children tend to cause a very strong negative reaction in me, so I don't want to create that reaction in someone else.)

I'm nothing if not trained in the post modern tradition (contextualize, contextualize, contextualize).

I'm still feeling empowered and positive. Some restlessness, but that is pretty typical this time of year with the cold and lack of light.

My weigh in was good - maintained down to the 1/10th of a pound.

Sure could use me a CK get-together. Hint. Hint.

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9 years ago

Me too Julie McCoy. Hint, hint. :kiss:




9 years ago

Yeah, I think that CK get-together is going to be at your lake home... We're just waiting for the deal to close & the ice to melt! :)




9 years ago

I know what you mean about documentation. The most important part is that it gets done, because the worst scrapbook/album is the one in pieces in an envelope or box. I have both, and I prefer the finished ones, no matter what style! :teeth1:




9 years ago, me, me....I want to have a get-together with all of you fabulous ck-ers too! Hmmm..I guess I'm no good with subtleties (sp?). I think you are doing a fantastic thing in reading that book. It's funny..even being a chic, I worry the heck out of raising a daughter. I want so much for her to be a strong, independent, self-thinker and I'm not exactly sure how to "teach" her that, ya know!?!?




9 years ago

I've never caught the scrapbooking bug either. I much prefer the traditional photo album format, and I think it's a great idea to add in your own ideas on paper or reason that stuff can't get stuck into a photo album without all the extra borders and cut out stuff!



9 years ago

Hint. Hint.

by REV