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Friday, Feb 6 2009

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Will is counting objects very consistently/solidly up to about 6. Sometimes he will do it correctly to 10, but not always. He is initiating counting now, rather than only doing when prompted.

Is developing fears – specifically, fears of being afraid: scary movies, locked doors. He says, “I’m thinking about the scary movie.” He is in some distress when he says these types of things, so a long conversation ensues to try to help him reframe his thoughts. Then he says, “Why do movies scare us?”

Although he often doesn’t want to share toys/objects with Ellen, he is almost reflexive now is giving her a blanket if he is picking up his own, or handing her a mini drawing board when he is using his big one.
He is really enjoying his drawing board lately. Makes very solid attempts to write “W”s and “E”s. Enjoys making patterns.

Ellen is trying to say “num-nums” for food. She is now standing/balancing for a few seconds at a time without holding on to anything. She pats Will when he is crying. She has starting hitting when frustrated. She loves putting objects in to containers, and taking them out. She switches objects from hand to hand when being dressed. She tries to build with Lego’s. :heart1:

She and Will play kissing games, where they each kiss the other one. Then it turns into licking, which is very funny to watch since they collapse into giggles.

Had a good long talk with S on Monday night. Very honest, and I was impressed with the respect and insight he demonstrated relative to my concerns. My assumptions-calibrator has been reset, which is always key to harmony between us, but I was also very clear in voicing my concerns. As I said to him, “Sometimes its good to give each other a cooling off period, but sometimes that means that things that NEED to be said, don’t get said.” So I made sure to say them. I don’t want to go into it too much since I need to respect his privacy, but I thought it was pretty prescient of him to urge me to connect more with girlfriends, and not to worry about him being with the kids “too” much. “Ladies need to talk,” is the diplomatic way he put it. Subtext being “This is a need I can’t necessary fill for you”. It was endearing. :teeth1:

My hair and nails still suck.

Oh, and if ANYONE has any helpful information to share on sore perineums, it would be appreciated. The internet seems full of women who have various levels of discomfort in that area, and NOT from childbirth, and few have found any thing or any one to help. The one woman who said her gyno finally diagnosed a bacterial infection after multiple surgerys never shared what the name of the infection was or what antibiotic she was prescribed. I'm going to see my gyno in a few weeks, but she couldn't help last time, so I was hoping for more info to take with me. :beatup:

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9 years ago

Kissing and licking games! :) Gotta love those! How cute! Have a great day! :kiss:




9 years ago

I have said it before and I'll say it again: I love how you and S are able to communicate, and I really hope that Eric and I reach that place someday. :love: Have you tried treating the perineum like you would after child birth (even though that's not the underlying cause)? Those pads (the ones for hemorrhoids) are fantastic in easy soreness. Baths with epsom salt may help as well, and also I used that spray (given to me by the hospital) that is used to soothe burns. I forget what it's called. I know it won't solve the problem, but these may give you some relief. :kiss:

by CBL



9 years ago

connect more with girlfriends hmmmm, wink, wink :wink2:. ** I need to find my long lost recipe for magical healing salve. I'll see if I have a small one left when I get home tonight. :kiss:




9 years ago

I love that I've "met" Will and Ellen and can actually visualize all they're goings-on. :kiss: // As for the sore bottom? Yeah, I have that too. I just had a physical yesterday and Dr. Beth had no explanation for it since she says everything looks A-ok down there. The bacterial thing is intriguing to me since I have an ongoing infection problem that flares up as UTIs and kidney infections and wonder if that could be causing difficulties. // I'm glad you and Steve had a "come to Jesus" and cleared the air. I always say that when you have a perfect marriage where no one get's upset and there's NEVER a disagreement, one or both is bottling their feelings. A little (resolveable) discord is good! :kiss:




9 years ago

I hope you have video somewhere of the kissing/licking games! It sounds incredibly cute.




9 years ago

For a girl who's worried that she's neurotic in her overthinking (but, really, don't we all hit that wall at some point? :beatup: ), the way you manage to really have actual conversations about what's rolling in your head is so admirable. And? I love your kids. :teeth1:

by REV



9 years ago

If I did not already have such a great mom...gurl, I would try and claim you as my very own (um despite the fact that I am older then you, hehehehe). I just love how you allow your children to just be themselves and don't force their dev. simply because "you" are ready for it rather than them being ready for it. I know it is not always easy but you and Tori always seem to make it look so easy even on the not so great days. Nothing mechanical about you, just pure unselfish love jumping off these pages for your children and yes, most definately S.