LYNNABEL's Mar 2009 CalorieKing Blog

Friday, March 27th 2009

It is finally sunny today, after days of gray cloud cover. It makes me feel hopeful to see the bright blue sky. Even if its cold.

Will is 3 years and 5 months old. He is a nightmare right now. I’m not exaggerating. Its horrible. And it feels like this stage has lasted for months and months already. He is the most powerful person in our family, and he knows it. He can keep Steve and I from talking to each other, and he can make Ellen’s little life terrible. Steve and I are brought low by i...

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Monday, March 23rd 2009

My first day back in the office after the trip to Indiana. Twice now over the past two weeks, I’ve had to lay down in the morning to let some lightheadedness and a flushed-feeling pass. My stomach has also been very volatile lately. I keep thinking I must be dehydrated, so I’m trying very hard to drink more water than usual. I don’t like water, as a beverage, but I can make myself drink it if I feel like it will help my body.

First of all, it was great to see Courtney, and her churches. ...

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Tuesday, March 17th 2009

I was in DC last week for work. It a legislative conference, and even though the senators and representatives most likely to agree with my company’s association’s position are Republicans (which I’m not), I still found the speakers and walk on Capitol Hill very interesting. We heard from two Rep. senators (OK and GA) who were smooth speakers, but gave me the willies, and 3 Dem. Representatives, who were not as well spoken, but who seemed more genuine to me. Of course, I’m probably not totall...

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Friday, March 6th 2009

Update on the house drama: After verbally renegging on their verbal acceptance of our offer, the bank/investor was sent a market analysis by the selling agent, trying to make them/him realize you can't reject a decent offer in this real estate market. Which you would think a financial entity would know, but apparently not. The bank/investor sent out for a new appraisal, which came in AT our offer level. So - here's hoping one more time that they see sense. We really want this house. But we can'...

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Thursday, March 5th 2009

AHEM! Calling Ms. Callie L and Ms. Amy C for a Blurinal/Jourlog Update, please. I'm a-jonesin'!