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Tuesday, April 21st 2009

Will is 3.47 years old today. He now verbalizes lists of people and objects and using his fingers to tick them off. His facial expression of concentration is priceless during this activity.

He has shown some improvements behavior-wise. Nothing I’m ready to write home about yet, but it isn’t quite the living nightmare it was.

He talks about “abenchures” – aka adventures. I can’t quite figure out what he thinks they are. Sometimes he talks about them as if they are physical objects...

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Monday, April 20th 2009


We're in the house - I took a picture of the sunset (to die for) on the first night, but can't find the cord to download pictures in the mess. Can't find work pants or shoes. Can't find my lotion or toothpaste. But, the kids have their toys, books, clothes, food, cribs, and diapers. Priorities, right? :wink3:

:beatup: My feet and back ache, and the end is not remotely in sight, but both Steve and I fall more and more in love with the house and property and lake with each passing hour and day. We...

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Wednesday, April 15th 2009

We closed on the lake house today, and the movers come tomorrow. I'm torn between joy and frustration/exhaustion. The sellers, even at 3pm today, didn't have all their stuff out. And its pretty much anyone guess if it'll be gone by tomorrow. I keep telling myself that I'm glad we aren't people who wouldn't take responsibility for a situation, and that karma will take care of them, in the end.

The carpet was laid on the lower level this morning, and it looks great. The lake is beautiful, of ...

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Tuesday, April 14th 2009

My sister is in Haiti, and my brother is in Lyon, France, for his Georgetown junior year study abroad. This is his most recent communication. I live vicariously through my siblings. I swear I will go abroad again soon – its been WAY too long.

“Mes amis et mes amies,

From simple to multiple courses, yummy to what did I just put in my tummy, and aromatic to odorous... that is French cuisine. I would have to say that since I last wrote, I have tried some very interesting, mostly edibl...

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Friday, April 10th 2009

The world is in sync some times. I heard this program on NPR:
about this website:

And then read Callie's blog.

My true confession of motherhood: My 3.5 year old son is still in a crib because I don't want to deal with him leaving his room once he's down for the night or a nap.

And? He'll probably be in that crib for a while. :laugh5:...

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