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Tuesday, May 5 2009

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I'm here. Just crazy busy at work and home.

To amend that statement – I’m not Callie’s kind of crazy-busy, just Lynn’s crazy-busy, which is probably what most people would consider a vacation. I’m spoiled, a bit lazy, and I’m going to stop trying to change what ain’t gonna change. (This assumes my husband, the source of most of said spoiling, decides to stay married to me. Looks good so far.)

Traveled for work last week – Kansas City. I was joking with some playdate mom-friends that work related travel is the one benefit to being a working mom. They laughed, and all agreed. Especially the SAHMs who would love some alone-time. Its just a nice break to only have to worry about yourself. I got a hair cut and tamed the unibrow ( :hi: Tori and Connie! ). I soaked my feet in hot water, and worked out at the hotel gym. Read two books in 3 days and watched several TV shows. And actually got work done.

I have another trip next week – to Philly, but its only a one-nighter so I don’t anticipate much relaxation from that one. But that’s okay.

The new house is great. It gets better every day. Seriously.

Except that I found 2 ticks in my hair. Yikes! I totally freaked out, and poured over Will’s head and didn’t find any. Steve found some on Ripple, and Ellen is bald, practically, so we’d spot ‘em a mile away on her. Need to get Ripple tick protection. I do not want to imagine that every weird senstation on my scalp is a tick.

Last night the lake was like glass. You could see perfectly the image of the clouds and geese flying across the water. The fish jump ALL THE TIME. And you can hear it from across the lake, its so quiet.

You remember how my Grandma Jean died not too long ago? Well, it turns out she has channeled herself into my daughter. I’ve been trying to figure out why Ellen’s walk looks so familiar to me, and I finally realized last night that she walks JUST like Grandma Jean did. Its made me happy to think about that all day.

This from the other night:
Me: “Baby, are there any diapers down here?
Steve: “Yeah – it that box on the table. They’re Huggies no. 6’s which are very different from Pamper’s no. 6’s.”
Me: “Do you know how sexy it is that you know that?”
Steve: Silence. Then, laughing, “Are you making fun of me?”
Me: (indigant) “No! I was totally sincere!”
Both: More laughing.

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9 years ago

Ooh...we used to live in the country when I was little and we'd have tick-check every night before bed. You could NOT keep my brother and me out of the woods so the nightly checks were very necessary. :) But the house sounds so great and peaceful. That's so sweet about Ellen. Nice to have a walking memory of Grandma. :love:

by AMYC18



9 years ago

Crawly things freak me out. Terribly! I'm so glad you're liking the new house. It sounds SO peaceful and picturesque. :kiss: My friend Gail told me the other day that her granddaughter Avery walks and talks just like her. Her son, Steve, said, "I am raising my mother." :D




9 years ago

"callie's kind of crazy busy" .... methinks I have misrepresented some of my busy-ness. I can guarantee that you moms who work outside the home live under a certain kind of pressure that I don't. You're just so used to it that you don't even think about it anymore. =D /// LMAO at your conversation the other day. that's hilarious!

by CBL



9 years ago

ew. I pulled a tick off me the other night and still have a little bite mark on my shoulder, our dogs are always picking them up at the parks. Larry and I totally laugh at those conversations too, I'm always asking him about diapers and food stashes and bottles and I love how confident he is about it all.




9 years ago

Oh gosh no! :afraid4: My body just wasn't tolerating the pill well anymore - I guess 15 years was enough for it!



9 years ago

Hee hee on the diapers. :laugh5: Glad the house is getting better every day. That's awesome. The trip sounds good! :)




9 years ago, please! the lake sounds lovely..and relaxing...can we come an camp in your backyard? :laugh5: I agree with you about the's nice to be able to sit an eat your dinner without getting up 12,000 times, isn't it?




9 years ago

ewww, ticks. They freak me out! We don't have them in AK, so when I was first exposed to them during college summers in CO & on the East Coast, I was pretty freaked out by the whole concept. But I'm so glad the new house is so lovely. And your husband is a keeper.




9 years ago

Gotta :love: a man who knows about diapers. Boo to the ticks.




9 years ago

Sounds like the dream house truly is just that (aside from the ticks..yikes!) Congrats! I'm glad you are all settling in nicely (and love the diaper story too :heart1: )



9 years ago

YAY for free time for grooming the brows! I am quite envious. :angel4: ... That's a sweet memory about Grandma Jean. I see those kind of things in Ehin. He's my dad's twin when he smiles, which reminds me of the fun things rather than the PITA things. :heart2: