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Friday, Jun 5 2009

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'Cuz life isn't hard enough already, we have to have too-high expectations of ourselves. I suppose the high expectations themselves wouldn't be a problem without the associated guilt and self castigation. There's the rub. Iíve really been thinking about how to help Ellen realize, as she grows, that she doesnít have to put the words ďI thinkĒ in front of every sentence, or compulsively apologize. Both of which I do, and both of which affect my own thinking/self-perception as much as they affect othersí perception of me.

Do any of you remember my eyeliner dreams? Well, I had one last night Ė the effects of which lasted for 20 minutes. 20 minutes! I had to finally look at the clock I was so amazed. Granted, not 20 minutes of thrashing, but 20 minutes of exquisiteness.

So, instead of selling our old house, weíre going to rent it out. We have found a woman who seems to be an ideal renter Ė she comes with high recommendations from her previous landlord, has two stable jobs, and would have preferred a two year lease to the one year we offered. As much as Iíd like to have the property sold and off our hands, financially it makes much more sense to rent than sell right now. So, weíll see if this works out.

What else?

Iíve not been making very good food choices lately. And Iím feeling it. So, its back to logging and tracking and reigning it all back in. The process never ends, for me. Which Iím okay with.

Been thinking tons about Jackieís blogs Ė finding myself in much of her writing, but also appreciating her ability to articulate her thoughts.

Been thinking about Callieís surgery.

Been thinking about more babies. Itís the right thing for us NOT to have any more, but that doesnít mean I donít dream about it.

Today is Friday and my motivation and attention span are dwindling by the minute.

Been thinking about Willís preschool options. I am leaning very heavily towards the one Montessori in our general area. Itís the most expensive, but I think itís the best place for him. Steve and I need to discuss, but Iím guessing Steve will defer to me on this.

Iím very restless, but not personally unhappy. Am keeping The Situation at a mental armís length, so it isnít getting into my thoughts any deeper, which is good.

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Okay, if I'd "had premarital," first of all there'd be no "a" in the sentence ... Second of all, I assure you, had such a thing occurred, it would have been such a monumetal occasion you'd have felt the rip is the cosmos causing the seismic shift all the way in MN. =)

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