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Tuesday, Jul 7 2009

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I have shingles. I just found out today. I noticed a painful rash on my stomach last week. And of course, just assumed it was bug bites. I would have gone in over the weekend had anything in my area been open to go to. But I got in this morning, and low and behold, shingles. I also have petechia – tiny (pin point size) hemorages under my skin. I looked up both of these for causes, and the only common denominator is high levels of stress. Aside from work, I don’t feel stressed much at all. That said, perhaps the work situation is/was weighing on me in uncharacteristic ways. I start medication for the shingles today, and they drew blood to make sure the petechia isn’t something serious.

It is amazing to me that I can learn something about losing weight after what feels like all these years of being on my way up or down the scale. Apparently, measuring is important to accurately determining your caloric intake (the sarcasm directed at myself). I’ve been very methodical about measuring everything that isn’t prepackaged, and realized how much I’ve been underestimating my intake. Example – what I was logging as a tablespoon of coffee creamer was probably more like 2.5. What I was logging as 1/3 cup of edamame beans was probably more like a cup. And since I only lose weight when at or near 1200/day, just those two errors in calculation can make the difference between losing weight and not losing weight for me. As a result of measuring, I’ve lost 1.5 pounds each of the last two weeks. Why is this important? Because I’d gained 5 pounds over the last few months. And 5 pounds on my frame makes the difference between clothes fitting and not fitting. I still take Saturday as a day to each whatever I want, and its working out well.

I had a great weekend. Just wonderful. I tried explain to Steve how I feel about being in our new house and neighborhood, and what I came up with that I feel like I am living something quintessentially American. The lake-neighbors’ barbeque where every person on the lake plus visiting relatives are invited – the 4th of July pontoon parade down the middle of the lake – the two neighbors that came out (unasked) to help us figure out how to restart our boat when it stalled - the sense of people easy to talk to, able to call on in a pinch, but with not necessarily the same types of lives as Steve and I – watching Will’s little boy head gallop down the hill to the dock. The house itself is so very much like home to us, and I feel so good about our lives right now. Maybe what I mean is that I feel a sense of community that I’ve never felt in a city neighborhood. But I still don’t have to give up most of the city things that I value/appreciate – good shopping, cultural events, good schools. I think maybe part of me is waiting for a shoe to drop? Like I don’t quite trust the good fortune?

My oldest cat, Fatty, has been pooping outside the litter box on and off since we moved to the new house. Its very frustrating. He’s been to the vet, who can’t find anything wrong. He’s not acting sick. We’ve made a concerted effort to keep his litter pan cleaner than usual, etc, etc. I can’t find anything on line that seems to explain this. I never would have thought that I’d consider anything drastic with a pet with this type of problem, but we have to think of our kids – can’t have poop lying around on practically a daily basis. Not sure what to do. And I feel so guilty that Steve ends up cleaning up the mess, all the time, since he finds it. Poor kitty, too, but he doesn’t seem unhappy or unwell, so I’m more frustrated that sympathetic to him.

S and I had our first real financial crisis of our marriage yesterday. We figured out how to handle the crisis and both came away feeling much better, but it was a new experience for us. I know finances are very commonly a strain on marriages, and we’ve certainly disagreed before this point, but had never really faced a crisis-mode situation that was about reality vs about personal financial habits/styles. I’m glad we rose to the occasion. We’ll need a little belt tightening, but that is okay. We do remember out loud to each other fairly often than we are blessed, and if this is the biggest financial challenge we’ve faced in our 8 years of knowing each other, we’re pretty lucky.

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8 years ago

I hope you're feeling better, Lynnie! :kiss: Animals hate change, particularly cats from what I've heard/read. And I believe that going outside of the box is a very common behavior when a cat is stressed or upset. Once he adjusts to the move, he'll be fine. One of my cats spent almost the first whole year upstairs after we moved. We had to put a box and food up there for her because she would NOT come downstairs. But she's fine now. :)

by AMYC18



8 years ago

Lynnie, how are the shingles doing? I hope you're getting some relief. :kiss:




8 years ago

I hope you are feeling better! :kiss:




8 years ago

oh, Lynnie, I'm so sorry. Shingles really are caused by stress, so hopefully you're able to relax a little more than usual. let us know how the blood test turns out. :kiss:

by CBL



8 years ago

Here is to a speedy recovery and so happy to read you and S worked together to resolve the financial crisis.




8 years ago

No, not shingles! Hope they leave soon. I am soo glad that you are loving your new home. We have some good neighbors too.. not all, but some... It just makes such a difference




8 years ago

Shingles! Yikes! I can just imagine Will bee-bopin' down the dock :inlove1:




8 years ago

awww Lynnie...I've heard that shingles can be very painful...moreseo in adults. Maya had shingles at 2.5 ... they didn't seem to bother her other than one day when she was feverish and just miserable. I hope you are well soon! I :love: your description of where you live and your community. It sounds just lovely. :kiss:




8 years ago

The cat is probably doing something territorial or otherwise related to relocating. I don't know what to suggest except that you put a few extra litter pans around in the areas where he's been pooping? Then if he starts using them, you can gradually reduce the number again. Congrats on making it through a financial crisis (though I'm sorry you had one) without any :scream2:. I hope the shingles clear up fast!




8 years ago

I feel like you just took a page out of my journal. about four years ago I was diagnosed with shingles, and it was completely stress-induced. I never developed a rash but I would have days of very itchy and tingly skin around my trunk, and occasionally on my neck and face. I always caught it with a prescription before it erupted, and fortunately I haven't had an episode in over two years. I also enjoy an immensely giving neighborhood and love the sense of community we have -- it's such a beautiful thing and I love that our son will have this as his foundation, his sense of what is "normal". I also understand the belt-tightening mode... Larry and I keep our finances separate and very rarely even have to talk about it, but when we do it's nice to know that we won't threaten the strength of our marriage when we have to make changes to our lifestyle. :kiss: miss you girlie and I'm looking forward to seeing you soon.




8 years ago

Shingles! The only thing I know about them is that David Letterman had them and that they're very painful! I hope yours clear up soon! :kiss: So glad that life on the lake is feeling "right." Cats -- don't get me started. :D