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Tuesday, Aug 4 2009

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Okay - I'm INSANELY sore today. I woke up sore, took some ibuprophen, and did my second session of 30DS over lunch. My arms won't raise above my waist. It seems so lame that 20 minutes of exercise could do this to me. Apparently, I need it. I'll measure tomorrow morning to get my baseline.

I could really use a nap. We had scary heavy winds and rain at our house last night, so I didn't sleep very well.

I'm filling out Will's preschool application and paperwork. It sort of snuck up on me. The first day isn't until September, but the paperwork is due this month. I've been feeling ambivilent about it the last few hours without realizing why until I realized was feeling upset/defensive because we don't have an emergency contact for Will who is a) in town and b) family; and I don't know our neighbors well enough yet to ask them to be backup. Makes me feel like I'm not providing my son with enough of a village. What am I supposed to do, though? Invent people to trust?

On an unrelated note, I bought of bunch of grannie underwear to work out in. Much more comfortable if not exactly :eyebrows: .

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8 years ago

Tee hee on the undies! :laugh5:




8 years ago

No underwear would be comfortable too. Just sayin'. :)

by JAY



8 years ago

preschool is such a weird thing. great because, duh that's obvious. but I have never felt more inadequate than after I was surrounded by all these women/parents who seem so more together and ..... better than I am. And then I would be reminded (through filling out the paperwork, or from events like graduation and recitals, that my family that lives here isn't interested in what my children are doing. :( It's hard to explain, but it's as though the kids get older the more obvious the disinterest and lack of support becomes.

by CBL



8 years ago

although I'm not doing the 30DS, I can totally relate to that feeling of soreness ... I wasn't even sure that I could pick up Maya with my noodle-arms the other day. I can attest to it getting better, though...I'm not nearly as affected now (after just 4 sessions) as I was the two. Tonight...intense cardio (says Andre) .. oh joy!




8 years ago

good job pushing through day two, it gets better.