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Friday, Aug 28 2009

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ď(+27): I feel fat after drinking my meal replacement shake.
(+27): I added chocolate sauce, a bsg of m&ms and a crushed up brownie to make it taste better.Ē
Story of my week.

Today is better (so far) than this weekís previous excuse for days.

Iím somewhat optimistic about Fatty. He seems happier and more comfortable, even locked up in our guest room for the last 3 days (so I can monitor his pooping independent of Tibbyís). He hadnít pooped this morning which concerns me, but Iím taking him in another blood draw to test mast cells later this afternoon, so if he hasnít pooped by then, Iíll ask the vet about it.

S and I seem to have backed off of our high horses. He told me I had offended him, and I apologized for that. I also told exactly what words I would have loved to have heard from him (and didnít) earlier in the week. He is very excited about starting a much healthier set of lifestyle choices when I get back from my St Louis trip. He is an all or nothing person when it comes to healthy living, which he bemoans (the all or nothing part). Iím glad he is excited about that. Hopefully it will rub off on me.

I have, ah, readopted a bad habit myself that I will need to shed (again) post St Louis. I ask you - why can they not make a cigarette that doesnít kill me when we can do so many other incredible feats of technology??

I saw the therapist yesterday for the first time, and it was a good experience. We have a bit of a map laid out for future sessions and I think it will be worthwhile. During that first session she suggested something Iíd never considered before about a source of my anxiety and frustration and sense of self worth, which made me feel that there might be someone out there who can see things I canít. Amazing, I know. I donít want to write about it just yet, though. She also suggested yoga, which Iíve never done. Iím pretty willing to try everything, though, so Iím going to look into it.

Iíve had more fast food this week than you can shake a stick at. I feel, consequently, like a large lumpen mass of fatigued fatness. However, the fact that I wrote that down (ie admitted it publicly) means that it is a short lived aberration in an otherwise fairly healthy summer. Except for the state fair with Will on Saturday (canít wait for him to see the state fair!!!!), no more fast/bad-for-me food. I sure do love me some fried everything on a stick.

A particular situation at work seems to have improved markedly. Not sure why, but it is nice to have one less thing to tie myself in knots over.

I need to be sleeping better than I am. I have been having a glass a wine in the evenings before bed, which isnít helping. So that will need to go shortly. Iím actually in my bed for 7 to 7.5 hours each night, but Iím not sleeping that whole time, so it isnít really enough. I just havenít slept well since Will was born. Damn children.

We took Will to an open house at his Montessori Preschool. It looks like a great place, and he has been talking about it ever since. He starts some shortened days next week as a warm-up. Iím so excited for him.

Okay, I need to pull myself together in hopes of starting a mildly productive day. I wish that included the option of a nap.

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8 years ago

I ditto your thoughts on cigs.... I hope you are doing well. :kiss:




8 years ago

That does sound tastier! Get well soon to Fatty.




8 years ago

I'm sorry about your cat and your anxiety issues. I hope you find some relief soon. regarding your son and potty training, I don't know if you've heard about this. But might want to look into it. Good luck.

Hope you feel better soon and your cat gets well. Sue