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Tuesday, Sep 15 2009

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So much to write about, so little time.

Two items:

One, I'm nearly done with work and then I get to be ON MY OWN for 5 whole days. By "ON MY OWN" I mean "WITH PEOPLE I'M NOT MARRIED TO OR HAVE GIVEN BIRTH TO". I love both those I've birthed and the one I married, but I haven't been on my own (aside from a business trip or two) since last summer. Just think, I can STOP AND PEE WHENEVER I WANT TO. I CAN EAT AND READ MY BOOK WITHOUT ANYONE HAVING A TANTRUM. I CAN SWEAR. I CAN SLEEP IN. NO ONE WILL THROW UP IN MY CAR. Make that, no one will throw up in my car who can't clean it up themselves. :laugh5:

Sorry for the internet yelling, but can you tell I'm excited? :rock1:

Two, one of several priceless conversations with Will recently. :heart1:

W: "Do you have to go to work tomorrow, Mommy?"

Me: "Yes."

W: "Why do Mommies go to work ALL THE TIME?"

Me: Silent, trying to figure out how to explain wages and mortages to Will, in addition to the fact that often Daddies go to work too.

W: "Do you go to work for a long time, Mommy?"

Me: "Yes, a long time." (This answer is a probably futile attempt Steve and I are making to make Will's 3 hours of preschol feel short to him).

W: "Why do you have to go to work EVERY DAY, Mommy?"

Me: Silent, trying to figure out how explain the nature of adult employement in a corporate office.

W answering himself, sadly says: "Because the work isn't done yet..." pause "...EVERY DAY the work isn't done." I swear he even shook his head in resignation.

I almost peed my pants. He sounded so burnt out and yet philosophical at at the same time.

So - the PSA for today is that "Every day the work isn't done."

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8 years ago

I CAN EAT AND READ MY BOOK WITHOUT ANYONE HAVING A TANTRUM Well, we'll see about that! NO ONE WILL THROW UP IN MY CAR. Just remember to limit the alcohol consumption! :laugh5: Jacob made similar observations the other day. We had told him that Daddy has to work so that he can save money and when we have enough saved then Daddy and Mommy can both stay home. Jacob said, "haven't you saved enough money yet, Dad?!"

by CBL



8 years ago

I'm with ya on the stopping to pee. I hate when I have to ask someone to stop. They get that "again" look. Drive safe! Will is just too much! :inlove1:




8 years ago

Your boy is so wise. EVERY. DAY. the work isn't done. Truer words, little man, truer words were never spoken. :)

by REV



8 years ago

I liked your caveat about the puking in the car =D