LYNNABEL's Oct 2009 CalorieKing Blog

Saturday, October 31st 2009

Week 4

Down 0.6 lbs. I will take it, albeit a bit grudgingly. Measurements pretty stagnant. 8.2 lbs / 9 weeks means 0.91 lbs per week. Deadlines generally don't motivate me because they don't dictate my behavior, except in this case it gives me a end to look forward to.

I think I will up the exercise and really keep tabs on my "refeed" day to make sure it isn't more than my BMR (roughly 1600 - how depressing that?!). Maybe that will speed things up. If not, I can live with th...

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Friday, October 30th 2009

I am having a really hard morning.

When I dropped Will off today he cried and tried to run away from me (ie away from the door). It was so frustrating and discouraging.

I called the school just now to see if he had calmed down. I spoke live with the teacher, and she said he stops crying on a dime, but that for the past week or so he has been refusing to do his some of his work. She said that they let him choose some of his work and they choose some work for him, but that he at times r...

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Thursday, October 29th 2009

“Now you are down to the hard lard.”
-Patti’s former WW instructor (Thank you, Patti - I like this).

“You only just have one Wee-yam, Mommy.”
-Will (Don't I know it, my precious darling!)

“Being fat is hard. Losing weight is hard. Maintaining is hard. Pick your hard.”
-Unknown (let me know if you know who said this, I couldn’t find it online).

Guess what I did!? I repaired a hole in our main level bathroom by cutting out the drywall and install new drywall and patchi...

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Monday, October 26th 2009

Week 3 of Callie's Countdown was a big disapointment for me. No change in the scale or measurements. And I met all my goals except for only working out 3 times instead of 4. In and of itself this can't have made the difference between losing and not losing.

I was mad. Really mad, for the first few hours on Saturday morning. The weeks, for me, feels SO long when each day is limited to 1200/1300 calories that it is very hard not to be hugely disapointed when the scale shows none of that miser...

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Saturday, October 17th 2009

Week 2 of Callie's Countdown:

Lost 3.6 lbs, which was an absolute relief. Some of it was water weight from TOM, but some of it was legit.

Measurements the same or down.

Met calorie goals within about 10 calories all 6 days.

Worked out all 4 days.

No dog walks. Just not happening with the new schedule.

No yoga class this week as it was canceled.

Feeling much more in control.

So, 10 weeks to go and 8.6 lbs to go. Definitely doable if I remain focused. Will ...

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