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Thursday, Oct 29 2009

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“Now you are down to the hard lard.”
-Patti’s former WW instructor (Thank you, Patti - I like this).

“You only just have one Wee-yam, Mommy.”
-Will (Don't I know it, my precious darling!)

“Being fat is hard. Losing weight is hard. Maintaining is hard. Pick your hard.”
-Unknown (let me know if you know who said this, I couldn’t find it online).

Guess what I did!? I repaired a hole in our main level bathroom by cutting out the drywall and install new drywall and patching the seams. Aren’t I Bob Villa! Granted, it won’t look good until I can sand the patching and spray the orange-peel texture over it and paint it, but still. I did good. I’m proud of me. Next step is the lower level bath which is need of much more drywall repair.

Will’s 4th birthday is on Sunday! The group of women I met just after Will was born are all having birthday parties for our same-age kids, and it is so great to have a group of kids to calibrate Will to. Somethings he is advanced in, others he’s behind in, and neither set of things matters to me really except for me to know more about my child’s development. He’s getting his 4 year old evaluation in November. I am wondering if they will worry about his lisp, or occasionally stuttering. Neither bother me.

We have our very first parent-teacher conference coming up soon. Maybe that will make me feel like a grown up?

There’s other stuff going on that I want to write about, but for once I don’t have the time at work. Suffice it to say I think I had a 4 hour long midlife crisis the other day about the fact that I’m going to be 35. For some reason, 35 seems like the beginning of the end to me. My therapist tells me this is a fairly typical sentiment. That doesn’t help me, though, except to make me laugh at myself. (BTW, no one else being over 35 bothers me, just ME being over 35). Heck, my hubby is an old man. A dirty old man. Not as dirty as Osama, but pretty dirty.

Speaking of hubbies, Steve and I being really sweet with each other - especially tender and loving. Not sure why, but it is very nice.

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8 years ago

Chicks with tools. ROWR. :eyebrows:

by REV



8 years ago

Go you with the drywallin'. I bet you'd look cute in a toolbelt. :teeth1: I have such strange feelings about aging. I don't fear growing older in any way and my current age doesn't bother me in any way. That being said, I find myself getting nostalgic about my teen and twenty years quite a bit and realizing that was 15-20 years ago! :cross2:

by AMYC18



8 years ago

Your home repair skills are truly impressive. Especially the part about the orange peel stuff. //I'm now having high school parent-teacher conferences and I still don't feel like a grown-up. :laugh5://Hope the mid-life crisis doesn't return!




8 years ago

I was pleased with myself for not having a crisis over turning 40. Then the next year came along, & I was all, "Oh, sh!t! It keeps going!" :laugh5: Thirty-five won't feel old when you've been there for a day or two. Especially once you hit maintenance. :thumbu2: