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Saturday, Oct 31 2009

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Week 4

Down 0.6 lbs. I will take it, albeit a bit grudgingly. Measurements pretty stagnant. 8.2 lbs / 9 weeks means 0.91 lbs per week. Deadlines generally don't motivate me because they don't dictate my behavior, except in this case it gives me a end to look forward to.

I think I will up the exercise and really keep tabs on my "refeed" day to make sure it isn't more than my BMR (roughly 1600 - how depressing that?!). Maybe that will speed things up. If not, I can live with this pace if I have to.

I need to plan for Will's party tomorrow, a work dinner next week, and work travel in two weeks.

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8 years ago

does Will watch Caillou? that one often makes me think of your family. :kiss: