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Thursday, Nov 5 2009

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I know I sound bipolar about Steve sometimes – we have each, I think, accepted a certain amount of volatility in who we are as a couple, but I did want to remind myself of two things that really meant a lot to me. One, when I told him about my conversation with Will’s teacher and my feelings/distress about it, he couldn’t have responded more perfectly. Ya know how when someone does or says EXACTLY the right things, it just restores your faith in the world? Well, that’s how it was. He epitomized everything that I admire about him, and everything that attracts me to him as a man, and as the father of my children. His reaction to the situation was kind but firm, concerned but calm, loving but a bit strict. It is such a relief to have some one I trust take charge sometimes. I may not be expressing this well, but it was something very, very good.

The other thing that happened was that he brought roses home to me this weekend. That might be the second time in our whole relationship that he has given me flowers – so it meant quite a bit. It wasn’t an apology for anything, it was just an “I love you, and you are great” kind of thing. It came after a crazy morning of Ellen having to go to the urgent care for a full body rash that had me pretty freaked out, and right before Will’s afternoon birthday party at our house. We worked hard to keep ourselves positive that morning, and mostly succeeded. I think the roses were a symbol of our attempts to keep things as calm and happy as we could.

And? Our long standing "Tuesday Night" approach to intimacy is make both of us pretty happy lately. Probably because it isn't only Tuesday Night. :laugh5:

A wonderful update – Will’s teacher told Steve today that Will had his best day yet today. Yippee!

More to write about, but maybe tomorrow. Where does the time go?

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