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Tuesday, Nov 24 2009

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I appreciate the feedback you gave me on my last entry. I have thought long and hard about it and have not arrived at any conclusions other than I feel like this is becoming an obsession, which isn't what I'm aiming for. On the other hand, I'm not at all ready to concede the fight.

I decided that since I couldn't decide what to do, that I would eat at maintenance on Sunday and take each day on its own after that until I can decide what I want to do long term. I do want to keep pushing down a few more pounds, but I'm not sure when and how I want to do that. I really don't have any huge plans for the Holidays other than the OKC trip that I need to be worried about, so I could start back up again after OKC. I know that when I do, I want to find a way to get a lot more protein in my 1200/1300 calories that I was.

1600 (maintenace calories at my current weight) = utter bliss. Utter bliss.

I did find the courage (and I'm not being sarcastic - it really took loin-girdage) to weigh myself yesterday and today (and going forawrd every morning). I am hoping that this will actually help me relax about my weight and not fixate so much (and thus be crushed by) a weekly weigh in. Guess what the scale said? Same damn thing as the last 3 weeks - is it normal to have literally NO variation in weight? Steve weighed himself so I know the scale isn't "stuck" - just me. :dead2:

Work and life are busy. But navel gazing is just SO interesting its hard to tear myself away from me. :laugh5:

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8 years ago

:thumbu2: Day by day.




8 years ago

Hang in there!




8 years ago

Hey, a little navel gazing is not a bad thing! Especially if you meditate while you're doing it. ;) //I'm frustrated on your behalf. I did at least get a little budge on the scale, but not as much as I think I should have given my effort! Maybe Jennie's suggestion would be something to try. Hmm. I hear you on the obsession thing--that's one of the reasons I don't like to log--it puts me in a closed-circuit loop that I don't think is all that healthy for me. If you figure out that balance thing, let me know. I think we have to let go of the obsession if we're going to be able to keep this up. I found a book on my shelf on weight loss via writing/meditation. If I ever read it I'll let you know if there's anything useful in there. :$




8 years ago

I'm late coming to the table (figuratively - that never happens literally, har) but I saw something on the Dr. Oz show this morning that may be valuable. He had a guest named Gisela who went from 275 lbs. to 175 lbs. and she made a remark about hitting a plateau. She said that when she hit the plateau and was very frustrated, she didn't exercise MORE, she just did DIFFERENT exercise, i.e., Pilates instead of cardio, for example. She said she couldn't lower her calories, so she changed the types of food she was eating -- healthier fats, not less fats, for example. She said it was a good way of shocking her body out of the plateau. Just a thought. And? We like to hear about you. :kiss: