LYNNABEL's Mar 2010 CalorieKing Blog

Tuesday, March 30th 2010

On Thursday I am off to Miami for a few days with my sister. I had envisioned this trip as a reward for maintaining, and I think I can consider it that way, still. I'm at the higher end of what I'm comfortable with, but my measurements are decent, so for now its okay. As ever (it seems) I'm toying with trying to get under 1X0 but I am not ready for what that would entail just yet. I have decided I can't do any running – my knees just aren't happy with me when I run so I'm going to stop barkin...

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Monday, March 22nd 2010

I have received some very touching inquiries from many of you about my sister and her work in Haiti. She is keeping a blog now, and here is the link:

I get to see her in just over a week and I can't wait.

Wednesday, March 17th 2010

Will is 4.37 years old. :)

Will brought home from school a picture he drew of 4 people. I asked him who the largest person in the picture was. “Ellen” he said. Then I asked him who the next largest person was, who has no face. “Me” he said. Then I ask him who the 3rd and very small person was. “Some kid” he says. Then I ask him who the 4th person is. “The kid’s friend.”

I haven’t stopped laughing since he told me all this. I can take from this that a) his sister rules his uni...

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Monday, March 8th 2010

I took Friday and today off of work to use up my PTO. It has been both nice and not nice. Its been great to see the kids so much and being to hug and kiss them whenever I want to, but I've been experiencing a lot of anxiety.

Part of the progress I've made over the past six months is that I'm taking time to stop and really analyze my anxiety - essentially I'm making time to figure out the source of it, and this is where I'm getting much better - addressing it. Whether its as big as having a ...

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