LYNNABEL's Apr 2010 CalorieKing Blog

Wednesday, April 28th 2010

The honeymoon at work is over. I'm basically back to where I started - feeling raw and punished for doing the type of job that I think should, and that I would expect from someone else in my position. I'm resolving again to keep my options open and be a little more proactive about looking for other opportunities. I feel like I'm not a good fit for ANYTHING I'm seeing, though. I wish I had either some financial experience or auditing experiencing. Both of those would help. Unfortunately, I can't ...

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Monday, April 12th 2010

I had a really nice weekend - we took the boat out on both Saturday and Sunday. I felt so appreciative of my life sitting on the boat with my husband and children. I had a idea while we were out on the boat looking at some other properties - a pool. Since we can't swim in the lake, it would be great to have a pool for the kids and their friends and our friends. So, we're going to look into it. It would probably be above ground, which would work out fine since it wouldn't even block the view from...

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Friday, April 9th 2010

Fifteen minutes before I have to get Will up and our morning started.

Miami with Stephie was wonderful. We did absolutely nothing strenuous apart from riding the bus to and from Lincoln Road twice. Otherwise we sat on the balcony or on the beach or at the pool and read and talked.

The view from our room was spectacular. The sun rose over the ocean and woke us up slowly each morning. The hotel was a source of some amusement to us. The reasonable price (for Miami Beach) was explained by...

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