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Monday, Apr 12 2010

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I had a really nice weekend - we took the boat out on both Saturday and Sunday. I felt so appreciative of my life sitting on the boat with my husband and children. I had a idea while we were out on the boat looking at some other properties - a pool. Since we can't swim in the lake, it would be great to have a pool for the kids and their friends and our friends. So, we're going to look into it. It would probably be above ground, which would work out fine since it wouldn't even block the view from the lower level. Pricey, but it might be worth it.

I developed a big red itchy rash on my chest this weekend - I can't for the life of me figure out what it is. The closest thing I could find online was hives. So, I'm going to try to get an apt today because even though I could probably wait it out, I don't want to in case its contagious. This itch would drive a child out of his/her mind.

I'm not at work so I'm going to write this down (found out the spyware at work records our keystrokes, so I don't even want to do some of my person things there anymore). I've mentioned how my anxiety has been mounting lately? Well, I think I figured out that it has so much to do with the nature of my work - there are one or two projects a month that I can finish on my own without needing someone else's input. And the people I work with (internally and externally) are HORRIBLE at getting back to me. Hence, I can't get anything actually completed and off my desk, which is really unsatisfying to me. And so it seems to me that unless I can figure out a way to live with this (which maybe I can) I will need to begin looking for a way to retool my job, or look for a new job. I may have to back into people management which I might be more confident with now than I was two years ago. I'm not looking to do anything drastic right now, but I'm glad I figured out what has been eating at me.

I need to run get Will up. (Poor guy, he's worried about Ellen's teeth lately because she's horrible at letting me brush them and won't do it on her own). Will is ME in a 4 yr old boy body. Ellen is Attila the Hun.

PS. Connie - the cleavage lesson was based on obervation of huge amounts of cleavage on display by others in Miami. There really was no such thing as too much. :eyebrows: And, for better or worse, no wardrobe malfunction on my part. :laugh5:

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8 years ago

Missed? Um ... duh. :kiss:

by REV



8 years ago

Will is just too precious regarding his lil sister. I love that!




8 years ago

We had a pool in Florida. They are great IF the weather is warm enough to enjoy it for a long time AND you, Steve and the kids are avid (or will be) swimmers. Otherwise they are a cool looking money and maintenance headache.

by JAY



8 years ago

Your time in Miami sounds just about perfect. I was there for a conference a few years ago & spent lots of time walking and rushing around to see things since we didn't have a lot of time. I did spend one long morning on a beach by myself which was blissful. Why I didn't spend more time on that, I don't know.

The days on the lake sound just about perfect too. A pool could be great fun--as long as you don't end up doing all the maintenance yourself. :laugh5:

Hope that rash clears up soon. So uncomfortable. The fact that you have a rash and you refer to your work as "eating away" at you is kind of interesting, I think. Food for thought...




8 years ago

Your rash sounds like swimmer's itch! I wonder if you got enough lakewater spray on the boat to get it? Some lakes in Alaska have little microorganisms that cause an itchy rash but are otherwise harmless.

I agree you can't have too much cleavage if you are admiring other people's, but I'm not comfortable exposing more than a certain amount myself. :laugh5:




8 years ago

If you pop a plain old pink benadryl and the itching subsides, it's very likely hives.

P.S. I'm also glad I'm not the only straight woman who can appreciate an abundance of cleavage. :eyebrows:




8 years ago

Phew, I'd have hated for you to have a wardrobe malfunction without me there to lend a hand or two. You know me, always willing to help!

Maybe the itch is sun related? You said you had a burn in Florida so perhaps your skin is a bit more sensitive right now?

People not getting back to you (or anyone) is a universal problem, it's not you.

by JAY