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Thursday, Jun 17 2010

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So it has been forever and day since I updated. I’m stealing a moment at work to do this, which is part of the reason I haven’t been able to update in a while.

Ripple ate a leather baseball a while ago. I saw her chewing on it and didn’t stop her. I figured she was enjoying it. I didn’t realize she had CONSUMED the entire thing. After I’d forgotten about the baseball, she got very, very sick. Wouldn’t move, wouldn't eat, and threw up for days. We took her into the vet (she had JUST been in for her annual shots/exam), and after $2500 and surgery to remove WAY too much of her septic gastrointestinal system and horrible feelings of guilt on my part, she is home. Her prognosis will be good IF she poops soon. Unfortunately, even if she heals, she will likely need nutritional supplements the rest of her life because many of the places in the GI tract that absorb nutrients are now GONE. It was the string in the ball that did it – basically sawed her apart internally. The experience has been strange and hard and good and awful for a variety of reasons that I won’t go into just now. It put both Steve and I in a position to have to think about our priorities with pets and our ability to communicate with each through it. Virtually every aspect of this situation could have been designed to be Steve’s personal idea of hell.

The kids are doing well. Thanks for all the love on their pictures. I was very concerned for about month about Will’s ears and hearing. I felt like he wasn’t hearing well, even though he’d passed his hearing tests at the pre-K screening over the winter. I actually broke down crying about it to his teacher one morning after dropping him off at school. It took me WAY too long to get him into the doctor about it, and it turned out that one ear was infected and both ears had TONS of fluid. He had a cold / congestion for what felt like the whole spring, and every time I was sure it had cleared up, it came back. Anyway, never again will I not just take him in. I've been kicking myself over and over again. I am so thankful, though, that his hearing is fine now that the infection is gone and the fluid is clearing up. I’ll go back in with him in July for another look to see if they are back where they should be, fluid-wise.

I had my 13 year college reunion (a cluster year reunion) a few weeks ago – my friend Missy came from WI and we went together to the main dinner and event. It was great to see Missy and to be able to spend so much time with her. I continue to have conflicted feelings about some of my other relationships from Mac, so I can’t say it wasn’t difficult at times. Also, reunions seem designed to make you wonder how you look to people, which gets old pretty quick.

My mom came to visit this month, which was wonderful. It was so great to have her here and I know she enjoyed it.

I’m trying to make my workouts longer. I haven't weighed myself in a while and will need to deal with that shortly. Maintenance is a b!tch.

This was a very boring update, but it will need to do for now.

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7 years ago

Is Ripple a cat or a dog?

Our cat passed away a few weeks back, and despite the fact that he was 17 years old, I still feel a great amount of guilt about it, too. He declined quickly after Christmas time (soon after my Dad's death) and although I toyed with bringing him to the vet, my head kept saying he's 17, maybe its just 'time' -- it wasn't until things got really bad that I remembered he had gotten into the trash and eaten some chicken bones that I worried and wondered if it WAS something that we could have 'fixed'.

Having said that, and having spent way too much on pets in the past (we call one of our dogs the million dollar dog, he has had two surgeries on his knees) -- it is good to agree on when to say when.

For me, when these two dogs have lived their good long lives, we are going to be done with ANY pets for a good long while.

And with that, sorry for the blog on your blog, lots to comment on and hope you are doing well. You are so right, maintenance IS a :evil:

by NMA5632



7 years ago

How's Ripple doing now? I've known other people whose cats have eaten things with similar results. Ugh. Glad Will's ears will be getting better too. It's just so often hard to tell when you should take them in and when you should wait and see. After 18 years, I still don't feel like I have it down!




7 years ago

Love those pics of the kids. Don't beat yourself up too much over Will's ears. I am surprised they didn't bother him more (pain, discomfort, etc). Love you, miss you... xoxo




7 years ago

Glad to read that Ripple is doing better these days. It kinda struck me when reading how you noticed ripple chewing on a ball. Macky Boy got hold of a roll of blue painters tape in the garage the other day when I left him out there eating his dinner. When I came back he had chewed if up and it was all over the place including stuck to his mouth and face. I kinda brushed it off. Gosh, I hope he does not get sick what with the adhesive glue and blue dye. I think many of us make the same mistakes with our pets, honestly, they just seem so indestructible at times.

Try not to beat yourself up too much over Will, because the fact remains, you DID take him in and he is being treated and nursed back to health under your loving and watchful eye. That's what its all about, motherly love always being the end result. Nobody expects you to be the perfect mother, your love and devotion towards your children and spouse speaks for itself. Things happen, we learn from those things, and we are forever richer from those things in all the years to come. You're a great mom.

Lastly, :kiss: just because.




7 years ago

any update is a good update! :kiss: Can you imagine how Will feels now that he can hear again? It has probably opened a whole new world to him! At various times throughout their lives, I've had concern over the boys' hearing and vision. I think because it seems like something that could be handled and adapted to if diagnosed early, and I'm afraid for setting them up for failure by not knowing each and every "issue" they may be facing. Sounds rather over dramatic, doesn't it? =D

by CBL