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Wednesday, Jun 23 2010

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I decided to do 45 minute of a Pilates DVD today for my workout. It reminded me both of yoga and of ballet. I really enjoyed the stretching aspect of it. So, whether or not it burns any calories (my heart rate was up, though) I'm going to work it into the routine.

I have a heart rate monitor watch now. And even though I think its WAY too generous with the calories it calculates for me, its been interesting to see how my heart reacts to certain exercises. I still want to have my BMR/RMR tested by a professional, but I've read so many things about the tests being done incorrectly and the results being off. For now, my little Target watch is fine.

Ripple developed an infection and has been back at the vet for the last two days. Hopefully we can keep her home after I pick her up today. This has been one painful and pricey experience. I do feel like I appreciate Ripple so much more consciously now, though. She is such a good dog. Even if she is totally neurotic and used up all our savings.

I think we are going to try potty training Ellie this weekend. I don't really know what to expect. If I'm alive on Monday, we'll know it went okay. I know that she could probably do it fairly easily if she wants to - which is the key - does she want to or will be a fun to see how far over the edge of insanity she can push us? :cross2:

For no particular reason other than to be able to write them down, here is my wish list. RippleĀ’s illness pushed these things out a ways. None of it is critical, and we can live without all of them for a long time.
-new wedding ring in platinum. This white gold is wearing horribly. I'll just transfer the diamond. And may be buy more of them. :wink3:
-Pop-up camper. Doesn't that sound like fun?! Then, when I need to get away I can carry my hotel room on my back. (Do you like how its about me, not about how much fun our family could have together? :laugh5: )
-Finished lower level bath.
-Finished lower level bar.
-a pool.

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7 years ago

I love how it's about you... just the way it should be. :kiss: Ya know, if you lived any closer, Dan could totally help you out with #3 & #4. :( Let me know how that potty training works. I'm trying to figure out what to do with Shea. Sometimes she seems real into it, & sometimes she loves the convenience of doing it in her diaper!