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Monday, Jun 28 2010

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The results of potty training, you ask?

Ellen: 64
Steve/Lynn: 2

What a debacle. If anything, she is FURTHER away from it after this weekend. Actually, there were a few successes but not nearly enough to convince us that she would see significant progress any time before our east coast trip (2 weeks from now). So, we will try again at the end of the summer. Steve had planned to carry it through this week to see where she was at the end of the week, but by Sunday Steve suggested putting it off. That takes a lot.

It was a bit of a head-scratcher for us – we both thought she’d not only be able to pick it up much quicker, but that her desire to would be much stronger.

Every child is different, so the approach that worked for Will may not for Ellen. We tried to cold turkey the diapers but we’d run out of clean underwear by Saturday afternoon, so it was going to be a rough ride, right there. She might do better with pull-ups and have a gradual approach. That didn’t work with Will, but it might with Ellen.

Either way, it is a good reminder that each child is their own person, and that I probably should have been disqualified from being a mother a long time ago. I got insanely frustrated this weekend – more so than usual and my usual level of patience isn’t nearly as high as I’d like.

Here’s a confession – I felt a bit scare of Ellen this weekend. That’s the only way I can describe it. It sounds a bit hysterical, but I felt a bit hysterical. She was all over the place physically, almost like she was on uppers – I could barely keep up, and I felt abnormally trapped by needing to monitor her every move. I always feel a bit of ‘trapped’-ness with her and with our house and what activities Steve likes her to engage in (and where) but this was more than normal. For the first time ever, I really felt like I couldn’t control her or channel her modes or energy. Like AT ALL. I’m hoping it was an unfortunately combination of my mood and anxiety levels and Ellen’s response to having to monitor her body more closely and deal, etc., etc.

I weighed in on Saturday, the first time in a while, and was up 2 lbs. This isn’t good since the 2lbs is up above the high end of my comfort range. I have two weeks until our trip out east, so I am going to make every effort to be logging and exercising until then. Then, I’ll try to maintain while we’re there.

My challenge lately is dinner and my snack before bed. I have very little trouble being reasonable at breakfast and lunch at work, and my workouts are solid and regular. So, I asked Steve to make a few specific items for dinners this week (chili and tuna noodle casserole), which will help as I’ll know in advance what I’ll be eating. They are carb-heavier than I'd like, but they are easy relatively nutritious the way he makes them. And this weekend I made Chex Mix my way for my evening snack. Hopefully those two things together will address my big problems. It still doesn’t change the fact that I HATE EATING AT 1200 CALORIES. ITS SUCKS. SERIOUSLY. YOU'D THINK I'D'VE LEARNED.

Well, I have learned, I guess - but its ongoing, I tell you. My work is never done. Suck it up, buttercup, as I read in someone’s blog. That can apply to so many areas of my life.

Ripple is doing really well – I’m so thankful.

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7 years ago

Regarding your comment in my blog today, HA if its wrong to laugh then I'm in big trouble. Before she could get it all out of her mouth I was already laughing which made her start laughing, which for us is the usual. Honestly, my teeth are gonna fall out if I don't brush them, my eyeballs are gonna fall out if I don't wear my glasses, my tongue is gonna fall out if I curse with it, my arm is gonna fall off if I don't tend to that cut. She really is a crack up, and she does at least get my attention regarding something I would otherwise ignore.




7 years ago

I agree with you, all children move at their own pace. She seems like a very head strong lil sistah who does things on her own terms. I bet before the two weeks are up she will decide on her own that now that you have relinquished the potty control, she is free to take it back and now go on her own terms. I am sure she will see things your way in her own own time. :kiss:




7 years ago

Disqualified as a mother! :laugh5: -- OMG! I have often thought that myself. It sounds like you gave it the old college potty try and she's not ready. The pullups are probably a good option to try but maybe not when you're out of routine on your trip. And that feeling you describe? I'd like to say it goes away when you're the mother of a high energy kid...but its been almost 13 years and I am still waiting.

It sounds like you and I have very similar situations right now. Sticking to 1200 calories is a bummer when most everyone else has success eating to NET.

by NMA5632