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Friday, Oct 15 2010

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I had the Paragard copper IUD inserted today and I feel very strange. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't the most comfortable experience, either. I have some mild cramping now, which is supposed to last up to a week. It was a strange experience - I found myself upset that I was alone getting it done. Versus having a loved one like Steve with me. But its not like we have anywhere for Ellen to be while doing something like this. Talk about taking one for the team.

I was always against the idea of a physical object inside of me (Hi Jay), but then I priced the IUD out against a vasectomy and the permanent infertility options for me, and this came out to be the most reasonable. My insurance is horrible. Which is ironic since I work in insurance. The IUD can last up to 10 years. I hope it works - I am tired of the hormones and the pills, so I didn't want Marena, even though I know people who LOVE it. I just want to be done with the hormones for a while. I have a hope that my libido and moods will benefit from not being on the pill.

Did you know that CA is the only state where you can go to law school online and sit for the state bar? The online law school is about 7K per year vs upt to 20K per year for the traditional schools. I know that the options from a brick and mortar are better, as is the reputation, but I am limited as to time, location, and money. My suspicision is that if I don't get a law degree, my compliance career options are ultimately limited. Its one of the many reasons I'm both obsessed with and exhausted by thinking about my job, career, etc.

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7 years ago

I really hope you start to feel better very soon. Get plenty of rest if you can. You'll work everything out in time regarding a law degree, its just going to take some strategic thinking on your part Counselor.




7 years ago

Hope you feel better soon. You could always go to law school in Wisconsin. It's the only state where you don't have to sit for the bar to practice law once you complete your schooling. :)




7 years ago

eek...hope you feel better soon... Just so you know, I had the Paragard inserted when I had my first daughter and despite all the 99.99 % effectiveness, I ended up pregnant with a 4 month old baby. It does happen and I have known other women with the same story who got pregnant. The doctor was amazed and the IUD was not out of place or anything. They went in and removed it since I was only a few weeks along with #2 daughter...just be careful even still with the IUD.




7 years ago

I went no hormones about 2 years ago -- we just use plain old condoms. He hates it, but I'll take minutes of inconvenience over hormones and contraptions anyday. Hope you get to feeling 'normal' quickly!

by NMA5632



7 years ago

ooooh...Thanks for the memories. I had one after my first kid over 30 years ago. I still remember the cramping!

It'll get better. I wonder, do they last any longer than they used to? Mine was only good for a year and then I started having a lot of problems.




7 years ago

Remember the Norplant insert that went under the skin in your arm? I had one of those (I'm the only one I know who ever tried it). It lasted 5 years, and I must say that getting it removed was the most horrible experience! I've never tried an IUD, but I'd like to know if it ends up being a good option for you because I have to switch from hormonal b.c. next year to allow perimenopause to take its allotted course.

Law school would make you even more exhausted (unless you could quit work while you do it). Just a thought. I hope you find your way to some brilliant new opportunities soon.