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Friday, Oct 22 2010

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This will be very quick.

Based on the tip-off from Jennie, I found "Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes" by Teresa Tapp at my library, so I checked it out and read it through last night.

It seems VERY interesting, and may be the much needed shake up for me. If true, the wellness aspect is very intriguing. Patti and Jennie - the diabetes information and related blood sugar benefits also seem signficiant.

I did one exercise this morning (the back stretch which you can do anytime and doesn't need to be part of specific sequence, which nearly all the other ones do) and will wait to start the full 15 minute session until Monday so I can do at least 4 days in a row (recommended).

I think there is lots of practice necessary without a DVD to follow, but hopefully I can master what I want to before sending the book back to the library. The movements are not intuitive and I can tell it is the type of body challenge that will take some getting used to, but new is good.

And if I really like it, I may purchase some of her DVDs - because, yes, they are pricey.

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7 years ago

Wow, thank you for doing reconnaissance (sp?) for me! The only hitch I have in my gidget about this is that correct form seems SO important and I am stuck out here in BFE by myself and have no clue if I'm doing something correctly or not. :kiss:




7 years ago

Oh goodie, please keep me posted on your results. I ordered the DVD and it should be her any day now. I tried two of the online demonstrations on her website, you might want to check them out. Good luck.