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Friday, Nov 5 2010

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Quick note for those of you interested – I got my T-Tapp DVD yesterday and used it today. First of all, the sequence and repetition of the ‘workout’ I’d been doing were much faster on the DVD, which made sense since it was taking me 20-15 minutes to complete vs 15 when done with the DVD. There were a few subtleties I hadn’t picked up from the book, so it was helpful to have the DVD. Definitely worth it. My heart rate was generally in the 69%-70% range most of the time, so it was a decent aerobic exercise for 15 minutes.

I really appreciated her summary/categorization of body types – she mentions it in the book, so it wasn’t new to me. But her categories really make sense to me – more so than others I have in the past (pair, apple, etc.). I think hearing this in my teens and early 20’s might have been really good for my body image. It’s accurate and realistic. She points out that someone with a short torso will never have as tiny a waist as someone with a along torso. And that a short torso person likely won’t ever have the saddle bag problem that long torso people have. And she create a category for the in-betweens! Which is me, and the problems I have (hip pads, back fat) really hit home. All helpful.

I measure tomorrow – so we’ll see what week 2 has brought.

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7 years ago

:hi: I cannot believe your son is so big!! :heart1:




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7 years ago

I got my DVDs, book, etc., and have been listening to a couple of audio CDs and playing the seminars, etc., but haven't actually done much yet. I'm anxious to hear how you're doing! // Another Madeline Albright quote (paraphrased): "Women need to learn how to interrupt more. We think we must be nice and polite and wait to raise our hands. We think of an idea and we don't say anything, lest everyone think our idea is stupid. We keep it to ourselves, then some man interrupts and says the same exact thing and everyone thinks he's brilliant. Interrupting requires active listening. If you interrupt, you become a better listener. Women need to interrupt MORE."