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Friday, Nov 19 2010

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My mind is going a mile a minute - I have actually been on physical auto-pilot most of the week - to the extent that I do not realize I've driven all the way to work, or taken a shower from start to finish, etc. Its a very strange feeling for me. I forgot to eat the other day. I NEVER NEVER NEVER forget to eat.

I know in part why I'm thinking so hard - and I won't repeat the treadmill of thoughts that I'm stuck on - but I have a few irons in the fire. I may know more of my future by mid December and if that ends up being true I will be insanely thankful. If not, I will plug along.

I haven't had a chance to up date on T-Tapp. I am pleased that my weight is under 135, and my waist is under 30 and my hips are under 37. My chest measurement has gone up, unfortunately, - the last thing I need is more VA-VOOM, but the measurement under my ladies has strunk which is good.

I am sleeping better - which is nice. And it could be that my tame appetite is due to T-Tapp, too. It could also be being off the pill.

I am thankful that with everything upsetting going on work-wise, I am managing it fairly well emotionally.

I need to write about Will and Ellen sometime soon. I visited Kindergarden no. 3 today. Its a charter and less than 1 in 5 applicants get in because of the space issues.

Ugh, I have no attention span.

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5 comments so far.


7 years ago

"bete noir" Just love it when you speak French, Lynn. ;)

by JAY



7 years ago

Gotta do measurements but I can tell I have lost inches. Down a pant size so far which I am pleased with. Glad you too are seeing results. Hope all your dreams come true from now, December and in the future. I like when you are happy and humbled when you are sad.




7 years ago

I really need to stop WATCHING the videos and start DOING the videos. I try and follow along and get the movements down, and that's about it. I need to get over the *I have to do this perfectly or not at all* syndrome. And I am hoping that December comes to fruition for you. :kiss:




7 years ago

Aw I don't know, more VA-VOOM sounds good to me. :evil: :hi: Lynn! And I hope December meets your every expectation.

by JAY



7 years ago

Fingers crossed for good news in December! And congrats on the TTapp successes. That sounds awesome. Maybe I'll try it out too...