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Friday, Dec 10 2010

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I have five minutes. I can't believe how crazy life is when you are busy at work. It really cuts into my personal time. :laugh5:

I felt very frazzled earlier this week about Christmas, etc., but I am feeling much better now. I do a lot of my presents/shopping on Snapfish which means I need to have taken good pictures through the year and not wait until December to upload or edit all of them. That's my new year's resolution (amongst several) - keep up with pictures and make them more of a priority.

I said I might have news about my future in December - and I don't. Not for lack of trying, though. I swing from being able to endure it and even appreciate certain parts of it, to feeling like I should be committed for agreeing to endure it. Criptic, I know, but I can't be more specific. I am dreading next week, it will be a big effort to endure it, but I will. Once that is over, I'll focus on the enjoying the holidays.

I'm planning on taking some online classes in the new year - and am not sure how that will fit into my life. I feels like every minute is full.

I'm at a spot with Will and Ellen that I wish I could hold onto forever. They are such a joy, and I know these days are passing fast. Not that they won't be a source of joy in the future, but they are so precious right now.

My sister is coming for Christmas and I'm dying to see her. Haiti has been in turmoil over the elections. I can't wait to see her.

Jennie - T-tapp has become more about stress relief for me than truly effective exercise, so I don't know how much motivation I have to offer. I do feel like it makes my body function better in general, but the downside is that I only have 30 minutes to work out - so if I take 15 of it to the intro tape, I only have 15 minutes for the treadmill or step, etc. Jaxs is having success, I think, so she might be a better source of inspiration.

Five minutes up - love you all.

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7 years ago

I hope your plan to endure this week is going well so far!




7 years ago

You and I share the same resolution about the pictures. I did a terrible job this year and I don't know that I can get any calendars made in time.

How nice that your sister is coming for Christmas. You sound as though you could use some sisterly girl time. :kiss: