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Saturday, Feb 12 2011

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Today is a day where I just need to put on the big girl panties.

So my metabolism is 100 cals/day slower than most people my height and weight. Getting pissed (like seriously pissed) about it doesn't change a thing. My weight is a constant battle for me. Do I wish it was different? Yes. But I still haven't found the answer so either I should keep trying or learn to live with it.

So my passport photo put me in a week long funk about aging and my skin and despair over my appearance in general. And I don't mean that in a glib, sarcastic kind of way - I was VERY upset about it. Since I'm not going to have cosmetic surgery any time soon, its just not worth the emotional energy. Do I wish I looked better in pictures and was one of those people who will always look younger than my age? Yes. But there's very little I can do about.

So my last 3 years were spent at a company that XXXXX. Its done, I've received lots nice compliments as I say my goodbyes to outside business partners, and I've learned a lot. It sucks, and I can't change what happened.

So Will and Ellen are difficult on the weekends, at least 50% of the time. Its an unfortunate dynamic right now, and even though it feels like its completely unfair to have my limited time at home spent disciplining my children, being a parent isn't always fun. Some things just have to be endured.

So. Big girl panties. I really need to limit my expectations of myself to this: I will do my best. Beyond that I need to let myself off the hook.

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7 years ago

No need to edit. :) I think you're right. My paperless plan will be implemented with next month's batch. Yay!




7 years ago

Hope you had a great first week at the new job! ((((HUGS))))




7 years ago

i love you. sorry i haven't kept up on all the news, congrats on the new job! picture mexico. cancun. cabana. sunshine. and give yourself a break. you're beautiful, intelligent, funny, dedicated, loyal ...... and your best is far better than most, so hopefully you can derail the crazy train next time it starts spewing things that hack at your self esteem. xoxo

by CBL



7 years ago

Keep in mind that a passport photo never, ever looks even remotely like you would look even in a regular old snapshot. The light is terrible & you're probably a little tense! But as you know, I understand how easy it is to let a photograph upset you.

And you know what, you do look younger than your age. You look like a college chick!

I think your best is terrific too. It's just that your expectations tend to be even higher than your extraordinary abilities. An occasional reality check is a good way to make them match up better.




7 years ago

So true, Lynn! Your best is terrific. Let that be good enough. Sounds like a rough week, though. :kiss:

I missed the news about your new job. I'm so very happy for you! That's really great news.

And. You're awesome. :heart2:




7 years ago

Big girl panties or go commando, your choice. :kiss:

by JAY



7 years ago

That sounds like sound advice that you would totally give a friend. So, take it, and become one with it. I bet moving to this new job and new challenge puts some spring back in your step and more importantly puts a smile on your face. I hear you about the discipline. At 11 and 13 I would love to spend 5 minutes with my kids that isn't about discipline.

by NMA5632



7 years ago

*I will do my best. Beyond that I need to let myself off the hook.* I love you long time, girlfriend. :love: Please keep re-reading that sentence. Many times a day if necessary. You expect waaaaay too much of yourself. You are a good person, wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter. Be nicer to you. :kiss: