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Sunday, Apr 17 2011

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No weight change this week, but my waist and hips were both down - which I could tell in advance on Friday when some jeans fit really well. So, even without reduced calories, something is working for me. Extra protein? Less carbs? I'm also making it as much of a point as possible to weigh my food rather than measure or count. Its very sad how much less you get when you weigh (a serving of almonds wasn't 28 nuts as noted on the can, it was in fact 21 when weighed rather than counted). But its funny how much less that 'upsets' me when I know I have 1600 cals rather than 1200-ish to work with. Its as if I'm finally willing to weigh my food instead. I really think I was in a kind of personal hell at that lower level of calories. I don't want to go back there any time soon.

Yesterday wasn't great - the calories were probably fine but the makeup wasn't. I went to a pot luck that was entirely pasta salad in nature. A good reminder to practice and plan. I haven't written about it here but I am going through a pretty horrid thing at Will's preschool - this dinner was an event related to the school. I'll write about it sometime, but not now. Will is fine - its the parent volunteers and teachers who are not.

One more week until Tulum! I can't wait. I'm torn about how to approach it from a food standpoint. Should I just not think about it and deal with the results when I get home, or should I try to be aware of cals and macros? I know I'll want to have some drinks...okay, a lot of drinks. :drunk: I imagine we'll do a lot of walking...

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7 years ago

:hi: I have read love and logic and I think I missed my opportunity to enforce it when the kids were young :$ if I had it to do over...unfortunately, now I'm reading 'scream free parenting' -- but I think for my son and I we're both too set in our patterns of behavior and we may just have to tough it out for the next 5 years or so and hope we come out liking each other in the end :sad2:

by NMA5632



7 years ago

Nice waist and hips sexy Momma.
A little mindful eating goes a long way. Enjoy your vacation and have a cocktail for me! :kiss:




7 years ago

Yesterday, I grabbed a handful of trail mix, assuming it was about a serving size. On a whim, decided to drop it on the food scale and found that it was in fact TWO servings. These are the little things that derail weight loss!

Whooo hoo to physical changes (in a positive way!)

As for your vacation, I would pick one meal a day to splurge and be mindful of the rest. You can easily eat a light breakfast everyday, I'm sure...but some days you'll be in a great place for a big lunch...but then you won't need a big dinner.

Enjoy it and done worry about it all. Even if it looks like you gained 5 lbs after vacation, you likely didn't really.

by NMA5632



7 years ago

Woo for the waist and hoo for the hips!

I noticed a lot less water retention after I cut out using loose sugar. Nutritionist says she didn't think my sugar intake was enough to trigger water retention so it's a bit of a happy mystery as I'm down one jeans size.

The advice I got about vacation was to not concentrate on losing weight, just concentrate on not gaining. I guess that applies to maintenance as well. To that end I have an app on my phone that should let me get a good count. Her point about focussing on not gaining was simply to not have to backtrack when getting home from vacation. Do you really want to drop to 1200 for as long as that vacation 5 pounds takes?

I'm slowly (I admit) seeing Patti's view on this in that it's a 24 by 7 by 365 thing. Doesn't mean I won't screw up or will only eat Wasa crisp bread and drink water just that I always have to be vigilant lest one day becomes one week becomes one month becomes 50 pounds. But that's me...not sure that others go brain dead like I do.


by JAY