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Wednesday, May 11 2011

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I am freaking out a bit. I just went to a health screening because I can earn money for passing certain health tests.

My overall cholesterol is fine, but my HDL is VERY low (28 gm/dl and it should be over 60 and not less 40), and, worse than that, my blood sugar put me into the pre-diabetic category 102 mg/dl ( the range for pre-diabetic is 100-125). I did get borderline while pregnant but to my knowledge I've never been in this category when not pregnant. I fasted for 9.5 hours before hand, and I do see now that the literature says for best results to fast 12 hours before hand, so I wonder if it would have been below if I had gone 12 hours. I'll have to do some research and follow up on this.

I'm dismayed. Although my HDL has been low in the past, its never been this low, and I've never had to worry about about these basic health screens. WOW. Its very sobering.

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6 years ago

Thanks you Lynn! :kiss: I just want to look hot when me, you and Stephie meet in Mexico next year. ;)

by JAY



6 years ago

Sorry you're having a freaking moment. The others are right--could be nothing, but it's still not news you wanna hear. :kiss:




6 years ago

I was surprised that my LDL and HDL where as good as they were considering the sorry assedness state of my exercising. They actually came in as normal. I forget what my blood glucose level was exactly but it was less than 110. That's up from previous years but then given how messed up my blood work is overall that's the least of my worries. At least for this year.

by JAY



6 years ago

I agree with Patti; one test isn't enough to freak out about. Try it again in a year and see how you do. Did you do well enough this time to earn money?

I had very low HDL this year too, a precipitous drop from last year. It is definitely alarming, but I'm hoping a little weight loss (and stopping bingeing, with any luck) will help. However, I know that diet is a minuscule part of the whole cholesterol picture.




6 years ago

Don't fret. One test is not enough for diagnosis. All kinds of things can raise your blood glucose like stress and underlying infections. :kiss: